Halo Ground Command: 15mm Covenant forces

I’ve been having some fun painting the 15mm Covenant figures included in Spartan Games’ Halo Ground Command 2-player starter set.  Now...


4 affordable things to do whilst you wait for Halo Ground Command to arrive

1: Buy some metal medium (£2.30): you’re going to need it to paint-up those crazy Covenant Ghosts:   2: Get...

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Miniature Wargaming: a Q&A about The Movie

You’ve probably seen or heard about the movie of the hobby: Miniature Wargaming. The Movie’s Kickstarter launched this week and...

Panther Enhanced: entries 3/3

Panther Enhanced: entries 3/3

Well, I think that’ll be the last time I give books away 🙂  Only 2 entries so far.  3 sets...

15mm pig-sties

15mm pig-sties

Today, I have mostly been painting scratch-built pig-sties: Pigs and loose fencing are from the wonderful 1:87 In the country set...


Panther Enhancer: win 1 of 3 signed copies of Anthony Tucker-Jones’ Panther & T-34 books

Model Dads and Pen & Sword books have 3 signed copies of Anthony Tucker-Jones' The Panther Tank: Hitler's T-34 killer and T-34 The Red Army's Legendary Medium Tank to give-away.

15mm sternantenne (star-antenna)

15mm sternantenne (star-antenna)

My latest obsession has been sourcing an appropriately scaled Sternantenne to mount on a Sd.Kfz 250/3 German Forward Signals Unit for Battlegroup Kursk...


German Army on the Eastern Front, The Retreat 1943 – 1945: a review

If you’re anything like me then any publication with a photograph of a worn out looking landser accompanied by a...

Painting Wargaming Figures (Gomez, 2015): a review

Painting Wargaming Figures (Gomez, 2015): a review

I’ve had a copy of Javier Gomez’s Painting Wargaming Figures in my bookshelf for a while now.  Published by Pen...


Operation TONGA episode 2

Here’s the next belated episode of our epic Operation TONGA game last year.  This time all the action is over...

Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers’ Charter – boom!

Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers’ Charter – boom!


Precision Ice and Snow Effects

It’s Easter and what better way to celebrate then by experimenting with Winter? I’ve always  shied away from painting white-washed troops...