15mm graveyard finished (updated 06/05/12)

Here’s an updated photo (06/05/12) of the graveyard markers in situ from last night’s game:

The good inhabitants of Ste. Justine-du-Mont now have a graveyard to accomodate residents well past their sell by date.  PeterPig and Langley Model’s gravestones sit reasonably well alongside each other with the town’s war memorial in the background:

Gravestones were painted VMC Light Grey (155) washed in Badab Black, Devlin Mud and VMC Olive Green (082) with a final drybrushing in the original colour and a 50:50 mix with VMC Off White (004).

Mounted on standard and small sized bases, the markers were finished off with a mix of flock, static grass, silfor tufts and GF9 Meadow Blend (GFS017) for flowers:

Normandy churchyard done, thank God.

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  • excellent work as always; but…. no little skeletal zombie hands rising up out of the ground?

    • Thanks. Was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempted.

  • Nice work, I am actually building a 15mm graveyard just now so I got a few tips from this article :). Those gravestones mix nicely together and the fence is lovely. Would like to get some myself or something similar.

  • Looking good! I wasn’t sure about basing them like you have, but I actually think it will work really well. I’m going to blatantly copy this approach! 🙂

    • Thanks Harvey. I was going to play them like haystacks / rubble – area terrain, very difficult going and offering concealment.

  • Nice, excellent bit of scenery

  • Nice. I’ve just modelled some gravestones in 28mm for a Flintloque Game. The images and a short tutorial will be up soon. One of the difficulties I have experienced is giving some variety of colour to the different stones/monuments.

    I think you have succeeded I where I failed.

    Well done.


    • Thanks Tony, I had the same concerns. The washes really helped in this respect. Black, Brown and Green breaks up the stonework. I applied darker washes to the base of the stones and concentrated the greener around the tops.

      My main worry was that they wouldn’t be light enough. Dry brushing helped here and also broke up the colour further. Send us some photos if you have time, it would be great to seewhat you’ve done.

  • They look amazing.
    Great work and thanks for sharing your result.

  • Cosaque31
    6 years ago

    Excellent work, but be careful, in France, the town’s war memorial (called “Monument aux morts”) are not located in graveyard, but in city (or village) main place, usually in front of the townhall (mairie) or the church.

    • Thanks for the heads up Cosaque, will remember when placing on tabletop.

  • Cosaque31
    6 years ago

    Another thing concerning french graveyard, temporary tomb (like soldiers) are made with a wood cross and earth (like the center one in your pictures, perfect) but normal tomb are made of stone, french cimetery have very mineral look, so you cannot find grass. Tombs on left and right looks more american than american,

    Here is a picture of cimetière de Montparnasse in Paris:

    • Thanks for that, looks like I’m guilty of Anglicisation! I know what you mean though, my cemetery is very English 🙂 It’ll do, but I’ll try harder to get a more French look later on if I buy anymore 🙂

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