15mm Panzer IV painting log: filter, decals & weathering

I get a chance to practice using a decal tray and some oils with the next thrilling installment of painting a panzer (…yawn) 🙂

2 Responses to “15mm Panzer IV painting log: filter, decals & weathering

  • Another great vid! One thing that has helped me with decals is first putting a small amount of gloss on the surface (here in the US I get “Future” floor acrylic) where the decal will go. It really cuts down on silvering. Another light coat goes on after the Micro Set and Micro Sol dry, before the matt coat (I’ve found that the Micro products can actually eat through light matt varnish coats, creating all sorts of weirdness).
    Filters are a godsend! Can’t wait to give the oils a go.

    • Please do…they’re the best thing that’s happened to my painting in a long time 🙂

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