Battlefront’s plastic bases – rubble (XX106): a video review

Model Dads reviews the new plastic bases from Battlefront:

8 Responses to “Battlefront’s plastic bases – rubble (XX106): a video review

  • I saw these at a wargames show at the weekend. They look pretty nice “up close and personal”.

  • It’ll be a while until I’m able to paint these, but they are quite nice for urban settings. I wonder what else Battlefront have planned for this range?

  • I noticed they work out cheaper than Kerr and King.

  • The idea is very nice. These bases will be handy. The drawback may be that everybody’s bases will end up looking the same.

    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to more releases such as rural bases at least.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If these are cheaper than competitors and are expanded painting and basing turnaround times should improve 🙂

  • Adam Conway
    6 years ago

    I noticed that the figures don’t fit perfect but how would you fill the gap

    • Well, you could use thick superglue and sprinkle over some fine grit or rubble to help them blend in. Alternatively, you could use Das, miliput or eveni polyfilla to fill in the gaps. Does this help?

      • Adam Conway
        6 years ago

        yeh thanks I actually have spakle which I used to base me models I did not really like the outcome though 🙁

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