A step-by-step photographic guide to making Woodland Scenic’s pine trees

After watching my woefully inadequate attempts to make coniferous trees just like those represented on the box, somebody who knows what they’re talking about provides Model Dads with a step-by-step guide to cracking Woodland Scenics fir trees:

How to use Woodland Scenic’s tree armatures to make fir trees

By Andrew at TerraFirmaStudios

First, take your bare armature and mount the base section into a suitable base for future use.

Next, you need to put the armature into a 3d shape.  This is done by twisting the branches in opposite directions and the final result should look roughly like this:

Now it’s time to get the tree dressed, it’s cold without needles on your branches! You will need the following materials to achieve the best results: Super Glue Gel ( & debonder if you are not too careful), a sharp scalpel and clump foliage. You can use either Dark Green, Forest Green or Conifer Green.  All work well and add a little variety to the finished results.

Never mix the colours on the same tree.

Apply a small amount of gel to a low branch. I tend to poke the branch in to the hole at the end of the nozzle.  This leaves enough glue on the branch to apply the foliage.

Next take a small piece of your foliage and wrap around the branch you have just glued.

The sequence shown above displays the technique quite well.  Sometimes the clump used is a little wrong in shape or a bit large. This is where the scalpel comes in handy to tidy up.

All you have to do now is repeat the process, remembering that the small branches require less foliage. Once you reach the top the tree should look a little like this:

To wargame proof them, I spray 3 successive coats of varnish over the clump foliage to ensure it stays in place.  The final stage is to enhance the base and fit them into my woodland boards.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I’ll write-up a step-by-step guide for the deciduous trees at a later date as these are a little different to make.

Brilliant, thanks Andy.  Now why did I try and do it their way! 🙂

6 Responses to “A step-by-step photographic guide to making Woodland Scenic’s pine trees

  • Great looking trees thanks for the tutorial! I hope you post the one for deciduous trees when he makes it.


    • Im on to creating that one in the next couple of weeks.

  • Good tutorial – thanks for sharing.

    BTW – Where did you get the plastic ferns that you have near the base of the tree?

    • the ferns are very hard to obtain they are from a US company, but i dont have the box to give the codes, can only tell you made by Busch

  • Nice, really like the mushrooms nice touch.

  • Lilliam Temples
    6 years ago

    Were you advised that your webpage has difficulties showing in IE properly? The pics in articles don’t line up correctly and squash up all of the txt

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