About Us:

Once we were two but now we’re just one: a mid-forty-something Dad living in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary town, tucked away in a corner of the UK.

But every so often – less so now than in the past – something extraordinary takes place in the kitchen or miles away in the dining rooms, basements or workshops of Essex or Kent.  Here, for a few precious hours, carefully painted model soldiers or their digital avatars duke it out across pain-stakingly created stretches of Anglo-Saxon England, Normandy, the Eastern Front, Afghanistan or A Galaxy Far, Far Away.  That is until the wife and kids come home.  That’s when the real carnage begins and it’s why we called ourselves Model Dads.

About Reviews:

Model Dads welcomes products for review.  We specialise in all aspects of Ultra-Modern, World War II and early Medieval wargaming including miniatures, painting, modelling, rules, scenarios and scenery.

Model Dads aims to provide readers with concise, high quality and independent video reviews that examine products objectively in detail. We strive to remain constructive, fair and impartial irrespective of whether products have been purchased independently, requested or submitted for review by manufacturers and producers large or small.

Model Dads aims to turn reviews around within 4-5 weeks following receipt of goods which we will always acknowledge. Inevitably, Real Life gets in the way and we will sometimes not be able to meet this deadline.  If this is the case you will be advised accordingly. Given our usually hectic review schedule Model Dads reserves the right not to review every product submitted. When our review schedule falls significantly behind schedule we will temporarily suspend or delay the submission of products for review to ensure that any back-log is cleared.

All products submitted for review cannot be returned and will be retained by Model Dads who reserves the right to use them for whatever purpose it considers appropriate.

If a significant error or oversight is noted during the review process or products arrived damaged rendering them unfit for purpose, Model Dads will write to advise manufacturers accordingly to ensure fair representation. Unfortunately, any products submitted unfit for purpose or damaged cannot be returned.

Video reviews are hosted on the Model Dads YouTube channel and cross-posted on a variety of popular fora including but not limited to Flames of War, Tabletop Gaming News, The Guild and The Miniatures Page,

Model Dads will always let you know when your review has been posted.

For more information about sending products for review or becoming an advertiser, please write to Justin at:

modeldads [at] gmail [dot] com


Model Dads is a not-for-profit wargaming blog run by and for wargamers.  If you like what you read or watch and would like to show your appreciation you can support the maintenance and up-keep of Model Dads by clicking on the Donate button below – I’ll even raise a glass to you next time I’m down the pub!  🙂

Many thanks and best wishes,

Justin, Model Dads



13 Responses to “About Us

  • Hello! My gaming group is endeavoring to bring free professional audio to tabletop gaming. To do so we have started a kickstarter, the Realmsound Project, located here:http://kck.st/11mnj9c

    If you took a look and shared it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

  • when will your decals be order able again pretty please?

    • Hi Bruce, within about 4 weeks I reckon…

      • Peter Van Lijsebetten
        4 years ago

        Do give us a shout when they’re available ! They look grand !

  • There’s getting to be so many Miniatures and Wargames-related Facebook pages, I’m surprised to see there isn’t a “modeldads” Facebook page!

  • what happened to your gaming pal?

    • Well, Chris moved away and priorities changed. Finding local opponents is a little tricky round here if you’re not club orientated 🙂

  • Hi all, there are also Model Dads on the other side of the planet with the same problems and issues with our friends in the UK.

  • Steve B
    4 years ago

    Sorry you lost your gaming buddy. Mine’s bogged down with work so much that inevitably any night I’m available, he’s not. And vice versa.

    Good luck to you. Love the blog, videos, reviews, etc. Wish I lived nearby, we could form a regular group.

    • Thanks Steve, that’s much appreciated.

      I know what you mean, in small World it’s still hard to find opponents and the time to play…

      If you’re ever in East Anglia give me a shout and I’m sure we could sort sumfink out!

  • Justin old bean must catch up soon but been bloody busy

    Done an I am a Wargamer as a you tube and would like to nominate you old bean..put in a big shout out for you…old bean in mine so call me when you have five


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