Battlefront’s Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

We mix up a product review with an After Action Report / comedy commander routine as I attempt to demonstrate the brilliance that is Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy without getting my pixellated PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) all perforated πŸ™‚ :

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  • Great AAR video thanks for posting. Im still on the fence about getting the game. I may still wait a bit until some more bugs have been worked out. Looking forward to the second part.

  • I really don’t like the interface. It is very dated and not intuitive. The keyboard scrolling is jerky beyond belief. There is no summary of units so one has to manoeuvre around the battlefield to find units. I completely lost one mortar for an entire game.

    Furthermore, I dislike the graphics and the methods the developers have used to render them – uses huge system resources and strains my CPU unnecessarily.

    That said, I did go head to head with Justin and had a really good game once I was able to gain more control of my troops – albeit cut short by the timer. Shame really, because he never got to use his plethora of mg42’s he had in ambush!

    At the end of the day this is the best game on the market for this type of tactical play, so I will be buying it at some point soon and embarking on a campaign against Justin.

    Wish me luck because I will need it!

  • AARs like this really make me want to get this game.
    Graphically it’s nothing special, but it looks like the beauty is in the tactics and the, I guess, realistic qualities that the game brings.
    Looking forward to part two…and playing the game myself!

  • as a long time CM player,i can only advise you to try the demo first

    im an aussie and former tabletop player,still do some modeling of ww2 units

    after the first CM i was hooked and have had 1000’s of games against opponents from all over the world,made new friends and joined a great online club to find honest opponents

    playing against the AI in CMBN is a good start to learn the basics,but,the real beauty of CM is against a human opponent

    the company that creates this series is well worth supporting,as the titles for ww2 simulations with such attention to TOE and historical accuracy,are few and far between
    the demo can be played against humans,i advise you to try it out with some of your mates.either in RT or my favourite PBEM

    are there issues with the game?
    yes,some,nothing game breaking,but as ll the first run CM titles,there are a few issues that are being addressed and continue to evaluate CM players opinions
    support for these titles are very good
    as far as graphics and interface is concerned
    you dont need a monster machine to run the game,but obviously,the better the pc the more you can pump up the eye candy
    UI interface is under some scrutiny and mods or alternates will probably be forthcoming.

    join the family lads,we wargamers need to stick together
    Salute from Australia

    • Excellent post Simmox, couldn’t agree with you more. Your experience was my experience with the only difference that now, I’m older, and have less time and -I guess – inclination to devote to PC games πŸ™‚

  • Ken Kavanaugh
    7 years ago


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