Bolt Action Miniature’s 28mm British Infantry

Model Dads expands its horizons beyond 15mm to see if that extra 13mm really does makes such a difference πŸ™‚ :

We would have liked to have added a song at the end, but YouTube’s copyright protection makes life ‘problematic’.

12 Responses to “Bolt Action Miniature’s 28mm British Infantry

  • Excellent site and review – really useful stuff – thanks! I am totally unfocussed and blunder from scale/period to scale/period LOL, but do tend to favour both THW and Ambush Alley as my rules of choice.
    Look forward to more of your posts.



    • Hi Monty,

      Welcome to the site and thanks for the positive feedback. We’re equally as unfocussed with tons of unpainted stuff πŸ™‚ I realised that I@m now the proud owner of unpainted 15mm Falschirmjagers, US paras, British Guards! We’re begining to transfer over to the Western Front now after spending time on the Eastern steppe.

      Will let you know when we’ve posted our first Nuts AAR.

      You’ve got a nice site yourself, shall we add you to our blogroll?

  • Do discredited regimes intent on world domination get copyright protection?

  • Excellent review i’ve been tempted by this range for a little while

    Which rules do you intend to use?

    • Hi Frazer, thanks for the feedback and welcome to the site.

      We looked at a range of reviews regarding rules, including Iron Ivan’s Disposable Heroes and 7 Coffins for 7 Brothers, TooFat Lardies Troops,Weapons and Tactics, Rules of Engagement, Operation Squad and NUTS.

      Looking at price and the sort of game we wanted to play, NUTS seemed to offer us the best mix. Trouble is, you never know what set of rules is the best for you until you actiually play! Chris and I are busily assembling our respective platoons: me now with 7 of the figures assembled, Chris with his metal Waffen SS. He’s got a head start as he doesn’t have to build his lot!

      What rules do you use?

      • That’s not been decided. As always I’m drawn by the figures first; I’ll have a look at NUTS and see how that looks

        • Well, you’re spoilt for choice. Let us know what set you decide upon and how it plays out πŸ™‚

      • Still think you’ll be finished before Chris has got halfway through the oakleaf and peadot camo…

        • You know, I came to same conclusion myself! πŸ™‚

          • I’ve glued all the heads on and one is missing.

            And there’s me thinking elite soldiers never lose their heads :/

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