Building Stalin’s Europe 2

How much of Budapest can you buy for £100?

Finally, I’ve worked out what I’d ideally like from my buildings :

  • They’ve got to be able to be used on both the Eastern and the Western Fronts (thrifty…).
  • They’ve got to have removable roofs (accessibility),
  • They’ve got to be large enough to accomodate Flames of War infantry bases (appearance),
  • Some of them have got to have multiple-rooms (Large Buildings rules, p.222 h/b rulebook),
  • Some of them have got to have multiple floors (Large Buildings rules, as above).

With these factors in mind, a trawl of Kerr and King’s website yields some useful finds.  The 6 ruins in KK- 111 “European City in a Box” look great, but  there’s only 1 multi-storey building and that rubble might actually get in the way of the bases.  And at £45 that’s half my budget blown.  But what’s this? KK-107, a 15mm tram barricade, urban bases for my Volksturm and urban terrain tiles? Now, this really is

just too tempting…

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