Building Stalin’s Europe 3

As if by magic, the Shop-Keeper appears…

I think I’ve found the answer to my urban dilemma.  Fieldworks, a small UK retailer, manufactures a range of ruined resin buildings that meet the specs I outlined below.  Sitting at my desk and measuring the dimensions described on their website, I figure I can probably have a 2′ x 2′ area covered in ruins.  That’s Buda- without Pest; a fairly substantial peice of wrecked real estate to fight over and all within budget to boot.  Plus, as ruins they’re suitably generic so they’ll play well on both Eastern and Western Fronts. 

Nice, just don’t tell the wife that I’ve ordered all that I need from Kerr and King and Fieldworks.  Reviews to follow on the main site.

2 Responses to “Building Stalin’s Europe 3

  • Tope End Gamer
    7 years ago

    Great looking terrain. Great link so thanks fellas.
    May have to get some to add to my Urban ruins terrain collection.

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