Calvary: flavour piece #2

Calvary, a sculpture representing the crucifixion of Jesus, are a recurrent feature of the French landscape.  During the fighting in Normandy they are occassionally mentioned, but much less photographed.  During the assault on the Merville Battery, A Company of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion protected the attacking 9th Battalion’s left flank by holding an area 700 yards south of a Calvary Cross.

With this in mind, it would clearly be remiss of me not to have such a cross somewhere on my table now wouldn’t it? 😉

Unfortunately, these things are hard to find at 15mm (or any other scale I guess!).  Fortunately, Langley Models produce an excellent N Gauge Church Notice Board and Crucifix which, with a little jiggery-pokery, can easily be adapted to fit the bill:

With the roof removed, you have a typical Calvary from northern France:

A quick-base coat in black and successively lighter coats of German Camouflage Black Brown, Chocolate Brown, German Camouflage Medium Brown and, finally, Panzer Aces Old Wood does for the cross.  Jesus is a little less easy, but with a reasonably steady hand and a fine brush doesn’t come off too bad for a bloke nailed to a cross:

Mounted on a penny in a blob of milliput and covered in Tamiya Soil Effect textured paint (my favourite scenic staple at present) sees a second ‘flavour piece’ for our Normandy table done.

3 Responses to “Calvary: flavour piece #2

  • What? No comments? Rusty the tractor gets loads of comments, but “bloke nailed to cross” piece gets no
    Comments? Personally its yet another fine bit of work but for me I’d have gone for a more monotone figure eg all white or all black.. But since i m struggling to paint anyrhing in model mountain hats off to any little creative details like this…

  • Great idea! and well well executed….as always. Im torn with the full color and monotone look as well. You know what that means…You have to do another!

  • I didn;t know if the religious theme had put people off OR they thought I’d gone completely potty…

    Wanted to try abit of layering without washing. Could have gone black or white, but copied the one in Town instead 🙂

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