FOW After Action Report ‘Bocage Bagarre’

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  • Like the bocage. It really looks very good indeed. I made my own bocage [2.5ms of it] but its not enough and I’ll have to make some more eventually!

    • Yes I recall you made an article on your bocage BL, I think you had it all laid out? Looked pretty decent as I recall. All ours is imported and does look great on the table even if I say so myself.

      The only trouble is, the better our table looks, the longer it takes to set up and pack away – which eats into playing/ drinking time!

  • It does look great, it looks like the BF stuff , is the foliage soft or has it been glued hard like lee’s smoke markers, just a durability question really (it’s another thing “to do” on my list).

  • I think i’ve just answered my own question, by the look’s of the AAR pics, they’re soft, psst i don’t think you can hang out on boccage, why no “across the volga” with the mortars, aesthetics, plus you’ve just finished painting them? 🙂

  • Well strictly speaking those German grenadiers have mounted hedges, not bocage, and regarding the Americans at an angle on the bocage, at Model Dads we allow a couple of mm leeway for the odd transgression.

    As for the Volga, my mortars and everyone else in my rag tag German company have now been transferred to the Western Front and it may be a while before we see any T34s again – although as we retire eastwards, that possibility is looming on the distant horizon…did I mention the ever increasing pile of buildings Justin is amassing for that particular episode? And the barricades? Not to mention the Volkssturm?

    Now however, getting to grips with Justin’s Americans is my primary objective, and I am hoping this battle is not a false dawn. And next up are the Tommies….

    • The “across the volga” rule, ie: keeping arty offboard in bocage or city fight games. Cheers for the heads up on the rest, kinda hanging out for the new Eastern front book myself! I wanna defend against a russian hoard, dive bomb some stalinists and hose some trotskyists with a “watering can”. 😉

      • Thanks. Actually I don’t ever recall seeing that rule, must have passed me by.

        Justin’s Russian hordes were often overwhelming so I’m trying to forget them. Especially when they had attached flamethrowers in the first waves of their assaults, a tactic he often employed! :O

  • Great AAR looks like a fun game! I really love the terrain you have on the table and you did a great job taking pictures to show it all.

  • Did I miss the aar with the kts then? And did Russian kitty ever make it to the battlefield?

  • Great looking scenery and figs, cool post

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