Cut price Katys 2: Sourcing Zvezda’s 1/100th Katyushas

In between producing decals, I found a little time to pick up a box load of the Zvezda kits I ordered a couple of weeks back. 

As some of you might recall, I’ve been trying to source all of the materials for a Guards Rocket Mortar Battalion in the most cost effective way.  As my local model shop is now about a 42 mile round-trip away, ebay’s range of suppliers looked promising even if I had to resign myself paying postage and packing. After a review of my options, I went for MrModels (click here for main website) who was retailing each kit for £2.50 and had everything in stock that I required (including a Pz. IV and T34 for the boy!).

So, thats 8 Katys and 1 Zis-5 truck for £22.50 plus £3.45 postage and packing.  £25.95, not too bad.

How do the kits look, well check out the review below:

I’ve had less joy sourcing the ‘5 or more crew’ necessary to double the number of weapons firing and = with this number 16 – qualify for a 12″ square “Devastating Bombardment’. .  There’s nothnig out there that’s really suitable in either Peter Pig’s, Skytrex or Quick Reaction Force‘s ranges respectively.  Looks like I’m going to have to park these for the minute unless anyone has any other helpful suggestions? :).

I could always cobble something together by buying a pack of Soviet Artillery Crews (SSO103 Artillery Crew) with some SSO183 Soviet Ammunition or just leave them un-represented (I’m sure Chris won’t mind!). Alternatively, I could use the older SO18 Seated Soviet figures I managed to pick up last year:

These photos would suggest that, on some occassions, crew had their small arms to hand whilst working up a sweat: 

2 down, only another 7 to go!

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  • I bought the Zvesda Katyushas, What decided me wasn’t first the price but rather the ease of assembly. I had heard many stories of pain and hard labor to put together the BF models. I didn’t bother with the extra figures. I’ll pay the point, I don’t need to paint more than necessary.

    Very happy with the Zvesda models and had the great satisfaction of “under cutting” the more expensive alternative.

    • Interesting. They are easy to put together. The more you do, the easier it becomes. Glad to hear that you’re not bothered about the figures, you pays the points and take the benefit. I’m tempted to model a few figures though, but won’t be going over the top I think. Purse strings, y’know.

  • Given some of the pics show rifles there’s some scope to pad the crew out with other infantry figures, do you have any spares that could loose the guns and grow a rocket perhaps?

    I found PSC to be the worst, around 1.5-2 hours to build each PzIV, really great models but plenty of work to be done before priming. BF have plenty of parts and they’re not very clean so they’re next. Skytrex are very good, not too many parts (and therefore options sadly) and reasonably clean. Zvezda are really good, to the point that I didn’t even dry fit the last batch….naughty Daddy!

    Happy hunting 😉


    • Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure there is something left in that Udarney box somewhere.

      Who are PSC?

    • Russell
      3 years ago

      Actually there is little reason to dry fit they are snap-tite.. I only pay attention to the wheels anymore.

  • Hi Justin.
    A mate at our local gave me possible probs with the zvesda range, as you can probably tell it’s getting the paint to adhere to that shiny surface, and it coming off. I’m sure folks on here with previous experience, will be able to give you the answers. Hope that’s of use.

    • I’ve not had a problem, usual process applies, scrub with a toothbrush/warm soapy water before cutting and then prime.

      I use Humbrol grey primer if it’s relevant, not sure but the toothbrush was probably medium 🙂

      • Cool, it turns out they were the soft plastic figs and my imagination. (insert embarresed smiley)

  • I picked up some of the Katyusha and Zis 5 kits just recently. I have to say the price was a real selling point for me, and I was more than satisfied with the results. After a quick coat of paint they look great! – especially once you base them. Old glory make great crew packs that you can pick up for dirt cheep (about $9 for 50).

    I also picked up some of the KV-1 tank kits they do, and I found them to be amazing! very easy to assemble and they look beautiful on the field.

    • Very interesting Paul, thanks. Could you send some photos of the old glory crews please? I would like to see what they are like before I buy 😉

  • Are you still wanting to have a look at these figs?
    You can view the old glory artillery crew figs at the Noble Knight Games web site:

    Some of the anti tank crew also do the job. Someone at my local club sells them in smaller packs then the standard 50 per.

    I’m also trying to base up 8 of these beasties.
    So far I’ve drilled the shells out of the models hands, and I plan to replace them with rockets I’m making in a green stuff mold. Slowly. One. At. A. Time.
    You could chop a few of the rockets off the models and position them in the loaders arms instead I suppose.

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