Model Dads’ 15mm Ost-Front and/or Normandy decal pack, including postage and packing (UK residents only): £10.50

Choose your decal set:

Model Dads’ 15mm Ost-Front and/or Normandy decal pack, including postage and packing (Non-UK residents): £11.75

Choose your decal set:

Model Dads designs and prints a unique range of 15mm or 1/100th scale water-slide decals.  Meticulously researched, each pack of decals contains a range of period maps, road and directional signage, propaganda  and other ‘flavour’ pieces all laser-printed at 1200 dpi on white decal paper.

The Ost-Front set contains just over 100 decals related to the fighting from Operation BARBAROSSA to the fall of Berlin:



Our Normandy set contains 157 decals to accompany Allied and Axis forces through Operation OVERLORD, the Allied invasion of Normandy:

If you don’t own a set of Model Dad’s Ost-Front or Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals you won’t be able to:

  • Apply authentic hard-to-paint Allied and Axis maps to your artillery staff teams, tank turrets or dioramas.
  • Model historically accurate signage alongside your roads in Normandy, including 13 Norman road and town signs,  14 German road / towns signs, 16 Allied and 60 Wehrmacht military directional / informational signs.
  • On the Eastern Front, you won’t have a choice of 13 medium and large maps, 16 propaganda posters, 16 Russian directional road signs, 30 German directional roads signs and 8 German town or city signs.
  • Add 26 colourful flavour items to your dioramas such as the British Army’s Guide to France; copies the German propaganda magazine AdlerSignal or Panzerbär; US Airborne map sleeves, French advertisements, copies of Soviet propaganda publications like Pravda, Fronte-Illustriete and Combat Pencil.
  • Warn your enemy of deadly mine fields with 11 authentically accurate Allied and Axis markers in the Normandy set.
  • Threaten vengeance on the Fascist invader with road side exhortations in the Ost Front set.

The Ost-Front set:

Ost Front leftOst-Front-right


The Normandy Set:

Available exclusively from Model Dads 157 full colour water-slide decals for only £10.50 UK / £11.75 Worldwide, ziplock bag, instructions and postage & packing included:


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  • Want help applying your decals? Check out our step-by-step photographic tutorial by clicking here.

Please note: decals are made to order.  UK residents can expect to receive their orders within 10 working days via Royal Mail.  International customers can expect delivery within 15 working days dependent upon Airmail.


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