In September 2011, Model Dads released the first Normandy decals pack.  3 years on and to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, I’ve decided to release a second larger and more varied set.  This set – grandiously entitled The 70th Anniversary Edition – contains 157 decals all of which, wherever possible, have been sourced from photographs of the Normandy campaign or direct from surviving examples found in French museums:

In the pack you’ll discover 20 Allied and 9 German maps, 14 German road / town signs, 60 Whermacht directional / information signs, 8 German minen! signs, 3 Allied mine clearance signs, 16 Allied military directional / information signs, 13 French road and town signs and 26 flavour pieces including French advertisements, magazines, map sleeves, newspapers, field guides and paybooks:

French road signs

I’ve even included a photo of wartime sweetheart Vera Lynn!(bottom of sheet 2 next to the V 🙂 )

British military signs

Once again, I weighed up the pros and cons of including a National Socialist flag and, considering the trophy photographs of the period, have included 1 within the set.  There’s also a SS Feldpost sign.   As I hope you will understand, this is in no way intended to endorse or glorify the tenets of the Third Reich:

Why 2 or more of somethings?

Well, having practicised applying really, really tiny decals I think you might make a few mistakes.  So I’ve included a few duplicates just in case you make a total hash of it.  Like I first did.

Don’t worry, though, you’ll also find a set of instructions to help you on your way and they’ll be a photographic tutorial appearing shortly that will take you through the decal application process step-by-step-by-step.

The decals are laser-printed at a very high resolution on 2 small sheets of high quality white decal paper.  This and the fact that they don’t need sealing results in a thinner decal:


As the decal paper is white you’ll have to cut carefully around edge to avoid a white line around your images.  Don’t worry if you’re not too precise as you can always paint a matching colour around it later (see the illustrated instruction guide for a list of matching Vallejo Model Color acrylics):


Model Dads decals can stand slightly proud on some flat surfaces.  This isn’t an issue where the decal matches the exact size of the model and can even be a boon when working with maps and paperwork.

Most of the Allied, French and German directional signage is designed to fit BattlefrontPeter Pig and Decors’ 15mm model signs but you can just as easily make your own out of plasticard.  Decals stick to most surfaces:


Once applied, seal with a layer or two of matt varnish to protect your decal.  Subtle weathering and/or wood effects have been added to each design, but don’t let that stop you from adding your own effects.  I’ve found that the application of Mig Ammo’s Rainmark Effects and Streaking Grime weather the signs wonderfully:


Remember those tables or dioramas that came with your artillery staff team?  Well, the map decals really add value to these pieces even if you’re not fighting in Normandy!

Model Dads Mines Signs and Maps decals

Model Dads Mines Signs and Maps decals

Model Dads’ 15mm Normandy Mines, Signs and Maps decals (70th Anniversary Edition) are available now.

Each set cost £10.50 if you live in the UK and £11.75 for the rest of the World.  This price includes postage and packing.

Payment is accepted through PayPal and you can expect to receive your decals within 7-9 working days in the UK with Worldwide orders slightly later.

Want to buy a set?  Click here.

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  • Barry Maunsell
    11 months ago

    Very good blog as far as I can see. Try to buy some of your decals by clicking on link…..only takes me back to front page……help.

    • Thanks Barry. There are a few sets of decals left. Please click on the Add to Cart icon for non-UK residents. Let me know if this doesn’t help you.

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