Decors Goes East again!

Decor’s goes East again, this time with a massive 2-piece industrial plant (STAL20 and STAL25) to beat all other 15mm factory-urm-complexes that have been…uh…cast?  STAL20 (on the left) has a roof and covers a surface area of 22 by 25cm and STAL25 (on the right) has chimneys and is an epic 32 by 25cm!  Each piece is approx 44E or £38 (email direct to purchase).  Now where’s that Christmas list?



8 Responses to “Decors Goes East again!

  • looks very nice! Some references maybe instead of making the rest of us drool?… 🙂

  • I can’t wait to get annihilated in these

  • Mine arrived in the post yesterday! The photos on the website do not do this justice – these are huge pieces of scenery and the detail is just phenomenal. Every time I look at them I find something new that I hadn’t seen before. The rubble on the floor has so much detail – there are bricks, beams, pallets, crates, barrels, tires, rope, sandbags, corrugated roofing, pulleys, doors, craters, jerry cans, some piping, a hammer, AT gun shells, a German helmet, and a rifle.
    Other things of interest I found:
    – The floor is a mix of brick and tile with grates in the floor in some rooms. Both terrain pieces have some tracks on the floor, complete with carts loaded with crates (one derailed)
    – There is a gas tank outside the building with a pipe leading inside (complete with valve!) that feeds into a generator
    – A generator room with three very good looking generators
    – Two chimneys with the destroyed sections in the rubble outside the building
    – One room even has an extractor fan built into the wall !
    This really is the best piece of terrain I have ever seen (and I own a lot) – I will spend a lot of time painting this as best I can to do it justice.

    I am just like a child on Christmas Day after receiving the best present ever!

  • Having seen Justin’s Decors items close up I agree they are totally mind blowing.

    What I particularly like about this range is the effort that has gone into making the buildings have some individual character but also work superbly as a set.

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