Flemish mercenaries

Well, here you go, warts and all, my first point for Saga: Flemish mercenaries:

Have to admit to really struggling with these :).  28mm early Medieval: lots to get used to here both in terms of purchasing and painting.  Makes me realise how easy Battlefront make life with FoW.

Liked the look of the figures advertised, wasn’t clear that what Gripping Beast provide is a random assortment drawn from their wider Norman range.  As they were bought online, I didn’t get that choice and wasn’t overly enamoured with the final selection (funny how this can affect your attitude to a paint job, perhaps they’ll make good trial figures before my main warband arrives…).

Cleaned them up and found that many of the hands seemed rather large and didn’t hold the swords / spears without alot of work.  I’m told this was a problem with some of the early casts.  Discovered after all was glued that the spears provided need to be cut down to size (doh! I wondered why they didn’t look right…).

Unglue and start again.

Had problems with the getting the colour tone right: that Viking Age pallet is harder to achieve than you might imagine.  Made me realise how much I rely on the safety-blanket of published uniform guides.  Unless you want to reference the 7 original colours in the Bayeux Tapestry, getting a reasonably authentic look is something that’s still flooring me despite referencing the fantastic examples in the rulebook and countless re-enactor’s costumes.

Got confused trying to block-paint for dipping and using Kevin Dallimore’s 2-step technique.  What works in 15mm doesn’t necessarily transfer across to 28mm.  Just can’t seem to get a smooth transition in colour and, boy, does thel arger scale show up your limitations.  Feel that Strong Tone just doesn’t really work on smooth spear shafts without remedial action with white spirit.

Paint job done, thought I’d take a few short cuts with Little Big Men Studios kite shield transfers only to find that many didn’t fit the types of shields my guys were carrying. Had to cut some to size or spend ages trying the match the tone and wear on the originals around the edges. Wow, what an innovative way of applying decals: peel off a sticky side, slip them over and glue them down and then peel of the back after soaking in water!

Like I said, well out of my comfort zone.  And this is only the begninning…

7 Responses to “Flemish mercenaries

  • Sigh. Everything’s relative. Your out-of-comfort-zone is better than my on-my-best-day. Nice work, and look forward to seeing more Saga miniatures from you.

  • Thanks George, that’s good of you to say. Thought I’d post them, warts and all. As you say, it’s all relative. Having a better time with some Norman knights, but the horses are still causing me a-neigh-yance – boom boom!! 😀

  • They look awesome. Great job. The Little Big Men decals have excellent detail with the cuts on them.

  • I like it! Good job on trying something new.

    • They’re fairly indestructable. Came up aganist some Jomsvikings tonight and fought them to a stand still whilst the cavalry swept round the flanks. Good game.

  • Nice to see Milites de Bec in miniature… I normally see them on the other end of my spear. 🙂

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