FOW After Action Report ‘Aces High’

We both agreed a good old fashioned all infantry shootout would be a great end to a busy week at work, so we opted for a low point Infantry Aces game. After much scratching of heads, we worked out that Infantry Aces only really works if one is able to stitch together several games in the same evening. Now, this is entirely possible for any normal gamer, and indeed the guidelines for Infantry Aces indicate a game should be possible within an hour.

This made us chuckle, because, as regular readers might be aware, Model Dads generally tend to proceed at a pace that make leisurely seem fast. We undertook the requisite form filling, and after a brief look at at each others army list, we got stuck in.

Battlefront’s notes in Cassino gives some excellent tips on the merits of terrain placement and these were studiously applied in an attempt render a playable and realistic battlefield based in Normandy, June 1944.

Justin supplied the beers which Chris did his best to try and finish.

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Aces High

Aces High

Aces High

3 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Aces High’

  • A great battle report.

  • Awesome AAR guys, however “But quite frankly it’s not nice for anyone in that orchard” unless you were there to sample those giant french plums.

  • si I think you would need some fairly big plums to have the courage to be able to run into that orchard in the first place!

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