FOW After Action Report ‘Tiger Trap’

We were joined by new Model Dad on the block Paul in his first ever Flames of War game, and we decided that the German force would be split into two commands with Chris taking the infantry and Paul taking the Armour. With 1750 points, the Germans opted for 4 Stugs, 2 Tigers and a bunch of infantry with heavy mortars.

Paul had been busy before the game and turned up with some nice armoured rocket launchers, and these were immediately ordered to the front. Justin opted for an all infantry assault with two huge Strelkovy with a mass of artillery in support.

Everyone bought beers and Chris supplied a tin of Chinese butter biscuits which he mostly ate.

View After Action Report ‘Tiger Trap’

Preview Pictures:

Tiger Trap

Tiger Trap

Tiger Trap

8 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Tiger Trap’

  • Happy Birthday Us! 2 posts on the same day? M’sieur you iz spoilin’ us!

  • Whoever owns the Stugs, where/how did you make the the camo leaves for them? They look great!


  • What a great looking game. Thanks for the report and all the great pictures. The terrain and figures are all excellent.

  • Excellent batrep….now that’s how to enter FOW for the first time!

  • Great stuff! Was really looking at the terrain as I am currently in the middle of creating some terrain boards. Good write-up and pics! Oh! to have some Flakvierling standing by!

    • Don’t tell him that! As long as he keeps painting mortars I’ll be a happy man 🙂

  • Another excellent report. Inspiring terrain and handy hints – always check inside the buildings…
    Great way to celebrate- happy blogiversary!

  • Happy birthday guys!!

    Love the format for this AAR, almost a comic book style and those pictures speak volumes!!



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