FOW After Action Report ‘Capture the Guns!’

Normandy is the setting for our latest Model Dads latest After Action Report Capture the Guns! featuring a daring paratroop drop into well defended territory in this Flames of War Breakthrough mission.

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Preview pictures:

6 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Capture the Guns!’

  • Another great AAR – as professional as always.

    That table just keeps looking better and better – what’s next to add to it?

    • Thanks Harvey. Well, there’s the church and stables of course. I’ve recently got hold of a range of different gravestones to add which are ‘interesting’. i’ve got some of Peter Pig’s telegraph poles which should add some colour as well as French civilians. Finding the time to paint is the problem…

  • A really excellent AAR. Interesting, informative and visually exciting. Great stuff!

  • Thanks BL, Harvey

  • Very nice looking game and good report. Just shows how much fun can be had with small forces.

  • I know how you feel when you end up sacrificing your CO. Your backs to the wall and you just hope that his Infantry save (and the fact he’s a Warrior) will save him…..then he collapses in a heap in front of the men!!!! Devastating.

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