FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 2

With our young Russian student stranded in a field in between two opposing companies, with German Panzergrenadiers to the South and a large Russian Strelkovy to the north on the other side of the village, the future looks perilous for everyone concerned…

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13 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 2

  • Bonus, early!

  • Is there a prize for spotting the Russian student?
    Keep up the good work

    • Where’s Vladimir? 😛

    • Maybe Justin can be persuaded to paint up some characters for any future story lines.

      Either that or I could go with the ruminations of a herd of cows = D

  • Good to see you’ve hit the big time guys, front page of Battlefront! Cracking!

    • Thanks Si, we’re quietly chuffed. Thanks to you and all the readers for your contributions and following 🙂

      • It’s well deserved guys, have an e-beer on me and if I catch you at a show I’ll turn it into a real one 🙂



  • Excellent AAR! Love the terrain and explosion markers – nice one 😉

  • Thanks guys

  • Wow, a truly epic AAR! Congratulations on making the front page of the BF site with this.

  • Thanks Harvey, your contributions have played a significant part in building Model Dads 🙂

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