FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 3

The final part of our eastern front after action report trilogy joins the battle on the cusp of a huge German assault across the entire front line against partly supressed, but well prepared, Russian positions. At the eastern end of the village, the fighting is becoming fierce…

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Preview Pictures:

9 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 3

  • Excellent finish to the battle report. I enjoyed the on going story and all the great pictures!

  • Thanks Dan, glad you enjoyed it

  • I loved your AAR and it looks great in the photos. Where did you get the buildings as I need some for future games using some of my early war Germans. I hope Battlefront brings out the Russian 1941 series soon as I have BT and T26 tank just waiting for the German panzers, of course in 1/35th scale.

    • Hi John, the buildings are Battlefront’s now defunct Eastern Front Battlefield-in-a-box set (1/100th mind) and Kerr and King’s Eastern Front range which, incidentally, has been remastered (still 1/100th).

  • Mike Edwards
    6 years ago

    Guys, where do you get those small Red, Dead trooper markings from? they are a nice item to mark where platoons fell and where the fighting was thickest! Love the Decals set as well on your Products Tab!

    • Hi Mike,

      They’re Litko products imported from the US by Figures in Comfort. If you contact the guy there, he’ll try and bring them in for you if he doesn’t already have them in stock. The explosion markers are also Litko and available from the same source.

      Tax, Paypal and postage all conspire to keep the decal set off the production line unless folk are prepared to pay significantly more for the sets or, I guess, swap kit. That would save pennies.

  • lars hagstrom
    6 years ago

    varry nice

  • Hengist
    4 years ago

    It was this episode that inspired me to start HOH Comics



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