FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 1

We decided on good amount points for this weekend’s game, and kept our lists secret from each other until deployment which added extra spice to the occasion. Justin provided lager for the occasion which Chris quickly sampled and passed as more than satisfactory.

Our winter night in England was to become a spring morning in the Ukraine, and after a brief survey of the terrain that Justin had painstakingly prepared, we began to extract our armies from their boxes and assemble all the relevant game paraphernalia, dice, rules, templates, markers etc. We discussed the blog’s we had been looking at in the week and the painting we had done or not done, and we gradually settled into the Model Dads pace of table top gaming.

That is to say, slow unhurried movements, thoughtful pauses, dwelling, deep consideration,reflection and just downright slowness.

Part 1 of Model Dads latest after action report tells the story of a young Moscow student who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time…

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Preview Pictures:

Off The Rails FOW After Action Report

Off The Rails FOW After Action Report

Off The Rails FOW After Action Report

Off The Rails FOW After Action Report

6 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Off the Rails’ Part 1

  • Stunning! Well done, great AAR, lovely tabletop and kit

  • Great report, looking forward to future instalments.
    Take it it’s a midwar setup?

  • Wow, just wow. Excellently put together report the terrain and story is great. You must take a ton of pictures during the game. How many do you end up using out of what you take?

  • Thanks for the kind comments lads.

    Well, its a mid/late war setup Mark, the lists were from Fortress Europe.

    Regarding the pictures, sometimes I am in the mood to try and document the action thoroughly, sometimes briefly, and sometimes not at all. However if the game seems to lend itself to pictures such as this one, I sometimes try and get as many interesting angles on events as possible.

    For this AAR I took just under 300 pictures, I discarded about 100 and am working with what’s left.

  • Excellent BatRep, your productions standards are very high. Very entertaining!

  • Thanks BL

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