Gale Force 9’s Rural Farm Buildings: a review

We have a look at the Battle Field in a Box range of 15mm Rural Farming Buildings:

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Good and honest review.I was so disappointed when I first saw that box-set. I mean the design of the buildings. And now I can see that the quality is very poor as well:(. Do you know if there is a chance of getting and old set?

    • No, unfortunately not. It went out of production a long while back. I got a set about 18 months ago. Found it buried under old stock and snapped it up…phew.

      • I’m like you Justin, I got lucky at an on-line shop too. The old Eastern Front set is strong and sturdy, although I did repaint them all as I found the there paint job to be pretty basic.

  • Nice review Justin. Pity about the quality, though the price seemed right I really don’t like paying for damaged items. I still kick myself for not picking up the old EF Village box set when they were available.

    I think I’ll stick to the Western Front…


  • Good honest review. I was looking to buy a quantity of rural Eastern front building about the time these showed up on the release calendar. I ordered a number of building from Kerr & King instead and am glad I did. The price for a pre-painted building is excellent but I view my terrain as equally important as my models and I would have found damaged buildings unacceptable. the extra cost and work to paint was just not an issue for me after this. I also greatly wish I had been able to get one of the old eastern front box sets.

    • I’ve got Kerr and Kings kolkhoz set and rate it very highly. Alot of work to paint, but very nice. This, in conjunction with the old Eastern Front set, makes an excellent playset 🙂

  • eh eh, another regret for the old Eastern front village set…

    thank you MD for the review

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