Mobilising your army. KR Multicase: A review

Santa was kind to me this year. Among the gifts I was lucky enough to receive, the most substantial was from my wife – a case for my figures.

Now she did not know the type of case I needed so she turned to me for advice. I knew the type but not the best source so I turned to fellow Model Dadder Justin. Justin knew all these things of course and soon I was on the KR multicase website perusing the various options.

Justin is the current host of all our games and so I do a fair bit of transportation with my little men and machines, so from the various options, I selected a standard sized ‘premium’ aluminium case.

After selecting the case you are invited to select core trays that are Flames of War compatible.

Three weeks later and it’s Christmas Day at last, and for a fleeting moment as I am unwrapping my new case I am twelve years old again (and then the anti climax as it sinks in its just a case after all). However, that very evening I slink away from drinking vermouth snowballs and eating cheese straws and begin assembling my German Panzergrenadiers into their new billet.

I soon realised that I have somehow ended up with 7 identical trays, all standard infantry sized. So eventually after a brief consultation with Justin,

Chris “I or KRM cocked up the order, I have all infantry trays”
Justin “Contact KRM”
Chris “I can’t wait, I want an instant solution”
Justin “Use a scalpel”

So by hook or by crook I managed to shoehorn everything in. Of course the real test will be a review of the figures after five years of being hauled around, but at least I am now fully mobile and prepared for war. Well, little ones anyway.

4 Responses to “Mobilising your army. KR Multicase: A review

  • Love that case. Shiney.

  • Hi there, if you would like this shiney case customised then do not hesitate to contact us at Smart-FX.

    Have an image put straight onto metal with a polished mirror finish and then applied to your case or air-brushed and clear coated.

  • The KR cases work quite well. I tend to go with the card ones, which are probably not a resilient as the aluminium ones, but are cheaper, and having 6 or 7, that’s an important factor.
    You can get the cases from ebay and amazon too, but the only time I’ve tried from amazon, I got the wrong case (but could use it for something other than planned, so wasn’t overly worried). Never had a problem when ordering from the KT website though.


    • Thanks for the input Peter. What’s mid-Anglia wargames club like? Do you play Force on Force regularly?

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