Painting 15mm Model Buildings, by Harvey

Model Dad’s are very pleased to welcome our first contributor’s piece, Painting 15mm Model Buildings by fellow wargaming dad, Harvey.

Harvey has been painting up some of the fantastic Normandy buildings from French provider, LOIC. In this tutorial, Harvey shares his approach to preparing resin buildings and the materials he uses to paint roofs (tile and slate), stone, brick and that proverbial chestnut, wood. As I’m sure you agree, Harvey has achieved some outstanding results so without further ado over to you Harvey:

As if all this wasn’t enough, Harvey whets our appetite with what he’s got planned next:

38 Responses to “Painting 15mm Model Buildings, by Harvey

  • Excellent tutorial… and just in the nick of time as I’m about to start some buildings of my own. I like the approach to painting a brick wall, very simple but effective.

  • Thanks Harvey, your work is a great addition to the website πŸ™‚

  • Hi Dads. What company did you get the buildings from? I am looking to spend some money on more building and have been shopping around. These look good.

  • Allan & Carmen Traise
    7 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Great Article!

    Would you mind sharing who makes the buildings you guys are using for your gaming?



    • Hi Allan – thanks for contributing and we’re glad you found Harvey’s article useful. You have to order the buildings direct via email though this site

  • Hi guys
    am I missing something? I can find two “How to paint buildings by Harvey” but no the second half with the tin roofs and weathering etc??

    • Heh, you’re right. Harvey’s working on this one as I write. As well as part 2 of the fortifications. He likes to have more than 1 project on the go at any one time. It’s a little quiet here this week as it’s been crazy at work, but we’ve found time for a game today so who knows what this will throw up.

  • adam conway
    7 years ago

    hi guys great tutorial read it about five times.

    I began modeling abot 5-6 months ago and ever since i have been using Airfix but i have been concidering using Flames Of War. Can you give me any tips or what sets are good for beginers
    P.S What army is the best to use British, German, Soviet, Hungarian or the U.S. Also i only have Β£40 πŸ™‚

  • adam conway
    7 years ago

    also I’m only 11

  • Hi Adam,

    Welcome to the site and thanks for commenting. I’m glad you found Harvey’s excellent article useful.

    I started playing wargames using Airfix 1/72 scale soldiers and paper houses when I was about 5. My cousin has a lot to answer for.

    I’m no expert, but if you’ve got Β£40 and are considering starting to play Flames of War, there’s no better place to start than the ‘Open Fire Starter box from Battlefront for Β£23.
    For this you get:
    1) a complete Flames Of War full colour mini-rulebook;
    2) 3 American Sherman tank miniatures;
    3) 2 German StuG G assault gun miniatures;
    4) 3 American dice and 2 German dice.
    5) an introductory booklet written to work in conjunction with the mini-rulebook included with the set.

    Seems good value to me and leaves you with money to spare for paints. This way, you get to have a game and choose whether you’d like a German, US or British army before spending alot of money.

    Armour is always a good place to start. Quick to paint up and get going. Check out BigLee’s first armoured game if you want to whet your appetite.

    Can anyone else give this lad some good advice on where to start?

  • Hi Adam

    I’m glad you liked the article – I am working on part 2, but it will be a while yet as I ran out of buildings to paint! I guess I need to buy some more… πŸ™‚

    Regarding how best to start FOW, I think Justin’s advice is spot on. When I started Flames of War two years ago, I bought the Open Fire Starter boxset and it is great – the mini rulebook is a great starting point and you get enough tanks to start learning the rules and having some mini battles with your friends. The mini rulebook also gives you an idea of the difference between the different armies and their special rules – I spent hours initially just reading and re-reading the rules!

    The Flames of War forum also has some good advice – there are always questions in the Newbie section on which army to start with and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

    I initially opted for a German tank company as they have all the cool tanks (who doesn’t like Tigers or Panthers), and I have great fun with them as there is so much variety. I am also building up a collection of British as I wanted a standard British infantry force. Both play very differently, but I would recommend a German tank company as a good place to start – you need fewer models to start, so it is cheaper initially and the German special rules make it an easy introduction to the game.

    Have fun!

  • Adam Conway
    7 years ago

    Cheers guys great advice can’t wait for part two of the tutorial

  • Adam Conway
    7 years ago

    Is there any tips on painting cos I can’t afford a airbrush or if I could I doubt my mam will let me ha ha πŸ˜‰
    P.S Where abouts do you live

    • Check out the beginner’s piece on the main website. It will teach you how to paint German tank crew.

  • Adam Conway
    7 years ago

    I love your site so much I look on it every day and I don’t even have any FOW models ha ha

  • other place to check out is the Flames of War forums – they have tips on how to paint German tri-colour schemes without an airbrush

  • adam conway
    7 years ago

    cheers great advice but I’m not aloud to get any FOW models yet because my mam says i have to finish my other airfix ones first

  • Very good article.So good I`m giving some of the advice a go on some Russian buildings.

    • Hi Gareth,

      Good for you! I painted up some of Kerr and King’s Russian buildings last year, which ones have you got?

  • Todd Reed
    7 years ago

    More on buildings please! Great stuff, been looking for something like this. Trying my first buildings and struggling a bit.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the tips in painting, is part 2 up yet anywhere? I have a lot of battle damaged buildings to paint so looking for whatever advice I can get.

    I have the following russian buildings on their way:
    Barrikady Factroy
    City Blk Cnr #1
    The Chemist Shop
    Fuel Depot
    G.U.M Dept Store
    Destroyed railroad

    all are JR Miniatures. Plus I already have an assortment of ruined bits and pieces from different places that I can use to fill in gaps.
    Mine are not for playing though, mine are for a piece of wall aart, stalingrad at the height of the war.
    I have already started on the 600+ infantry that will take part.


  • Mike Norman
    6 years ago

    Where is the paint comparason?

  • Gaz Moore
    6 years ago

    Hi guys what a great article, bought these buildings a year ago and after reading this article I am gunna give them a lick of paint. Jutst got a question tho where’d ya get the anitas paint from Ive tried looking but my google-fu is not working,
    cheers and keep up good work

    • Hi – I trawled online, but found them hard to find. To be honest, any acryllic will do. Chgeck out your local art shop or, at worst, ebay…

      Glad you found Harvey’s article useful, another should be in the pipeline shortly (nudge, nudge…).

      • I got my paints in a craft shop years ago, but can’t find the same make any more. However Hobbycraft and other craft shops sell very similar acrylic paints. DecoArt and FolkArt are the brands that seem to be available now. Initially I just bought 3 random browns – dark/medium/light, a dark and light grey, and a terracotta. You don’t need to match exactly the colours I use to get good results, just go with what you think looks right.

        Thanks for the nudge Justin – I am working on the next installment in my spare time, when I’m not painting my Panzer IVs and Sturmtigers. πŸ™‚

  • Hello fellas,
    Marvellous website and blog…especially like Harvey’s 15mm buildings tutorial as had plenty sitting around and now have the incentive to get them done.
    Is he anywhere near finishing Pt 2 yet.??.been a while and would love the tips…it’s not right that he let’s ‘normal’ life interfere with helping the wargaming community…we need those valuable hints…give him a nudge/shove from those less able than him would you?
    ps keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Kev. Funny you should mention Harvey’s long overdue tutorial, I prompted him a few days ago… πŸ™‚

      • I’m working on ‘Part 2’ at the moment. I think releasing it in installments rather than waiting for it to be 100% complete will be the best way forward. Look for something very soon….

        • Anonymous
          6 years ago

          Marvellous news indeed Gentlemen..instalments is fine..thoroughly looking forward to it,
          Old man very happy!

        • That IS good news…

  • Hey! Thank you for the idea. I’ve got some old resin armorcast brick walls that I just dug out of storage that I never finished years ago because I got stuck and then annoyed with the mortar situation. Your solution is simple, elegant, and also makes me go “derp” that I never thought of it myself. Kudos to you guys. Now after about a bloody decade I’ll finally have these things finished and ready to meet a wargaming table “fully dressed”.

  • Hey I read your tutorial and it was great but I couldn’t figure out how to buy the models from the French provider, or buy the paints from either

  • Hey I’m starting my flames of war collection going and was ready to play but I can’t find and buildings so I went to foxhole and that didn’t help because then I had to paint but after reading your tutorial I’m all into it but I can’t find out how to buy the French providers product! Mostly because 3/4 of it is in French but also because it says it’s a blog? I’m no computer genius so could some one guide me? Thanks

    • Hi Ryan, email LOIC directly and mention us. He;ll get back to you with a price. He’s totally trustworthy and a good egg to boot!

  • Thanks Model dad for your helpful hints,
    cheers John

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