How to apply MiG Track Brown pigment to 15mm AFVs

Pigments.  I kind of like ’em and loath them all at the same time 😀

Kage commented on his excellent blog that there was a shortage of tutorials on using pigments on 15mm AFVs.  I’m no expert, but said I would try and help out with a quick video about using pigments to weather my recent batch of T34s / SU-152s.

Hope it’s of some interest / use:

I can do more on other wet / dry applications if they’re of any interest.

Let us know.

8 Responses to “How to apply MiG Track Brown pigment to 15mm AFVs

  • Good video, I would be interested is the dry applications myself.

  • I haven’t tried using water with pigments yet, it appears to give a subtle effect.

    I do use isopropyl alcohol to great effect (along with the fixer). Its similar to your water wash method.

    Mig also produces another product called acrylic resin which you can mix with the powder directly to create mud with a lot of volume. I usually base with this, then apply either an alcohol/pigment wash or straight dry powder followed by fixer. (It dries very fast, so fast that its almost impossible to get two tank tracks done with a single mix so you have to make sure to mix in very small batches.) Pretty sure Liquitex resins will perform the same function.

  • Thanks for the video, I’ve only used them dry myself so its interesting to see alternatives.
    Did I spy a modedads mug in the background?
    Also liked the family interaction…see you in two weeks now where was I? Oh yes T34 mud mud mud…

    • Hi Mark. Mug? Yup, a present from the wife last Christmas. She was indulging my indulgence 🙂

      ‘Familiy interaction’ is one way of describing life in our house 😉

  • Oh yeah, would be quite interesting how you do it.
    I have a small series about how to make pigments on your own on my blog currently…

    Cheers, Mojo

    • Hi Mojo – nice to see someone mixing their own pigments. I’m just plain lazy 🙂

  • Cameron
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the great video. Do you apply varnish before or after applying the pigments?

    • I apply varnish before pigments as the varnish tends to reduce the effect of pigments considerably. In order to ensure that the pigments remain on the model after application ensure that they receive a coat of pigment fixer preferably applied through an airbrush. Hope this helps.

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