How to make trees parts 2 (and 3)

Thank goodness for Snow Days, they’re the hobbyists best friend.  The second installment of ‘How to make trees… emerges blinking into the snow-capped uplands. I say second, it comes in 2 parts thanks to YouTube’s 15 minute limit and my mediocre IT skills.

This concluding episode looks at:

  • highlighting and sealing your trees (part 2),
  • basing using Tamiya’s new textured paint range (part 3),
  • final recommendations for the amateur treehugger (part 3).

Hope it’s useful…Part 3 to follow later this afternoon 🙂


2 Responses to “How to make trees parts 2 (and 3)

  • I’ve not had the chance to check the whole of the 2nd vid yet, do you reckon the sealer might be a watered down PVA mix, it’s what your description sounds like? The same goes for the Tack, is it PVA? Being a pound shop kinda guy!

  • Hi Si,

    No, I found that the watered down PVA resulted in the clump falling off. I use a matt varnish reinforced by superglue 🙂

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