Jagdpanther Platoon(GBX41): a review

I whip out the new turntable to give Battlefront’s Jagdpanther platoon boxed set a 360 twirl.

10 Responses to “Jagdpanther Platoon(GBX41): a review

  • Jagdpanthers? KingTigers? I hope you’re making a huge horde of soviets to compensate?

    • Well, I’ll do a review of the SU122/152 platoon boxed set next. These are all fall-outs of the Maelstrom debacle. 25% off encouraged me and Chris to splurge!

  • Good video. It’s good to see in detail what you’ll get in a box before buying it. Not that lack of knowledge would stop most of us from buying it anyway!… but you know what I mean.

    • Thanks BigLee, glad the close ups worked for you. Just need to work on the narrative abit more.

  • Another good review. If I didn’t already have 2 of these bad boys I’d probably buy this box set….

    Just out of interest how much did you spend on the Maelstrom sale?

    • So much that my wife has now declared a moritorium on figures, tank and gun purchases. She didn’t say anything about scenery though…

      • After every purchase I hear a small voice in my head saying “I could stop buying tanks anytime, if I really wanted to”…

  • I’ve heard that if your wife comes out of the kitchen to tell you no more tanks then you’ve made the chain too long… Oops I can hear the sirens again 🙂

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