Miniature Wargaming: a Q&A about The Movie

You’ve probably seen or heard about the movie of the hobby: Miniature Wargaming. The Movie’s Kickstarter launched this week and I had a chance to pop some questions about this forthcoming documentary to Alice, the director’s assistant (he’s the guy in the middle):

Miniature Wargaming

From left to right: Alice, the Director Joseph Piddington and member of the film crew, Rob

Question: What is the story you want the movie to tell about wargaming?
Alice: “The film is a documentary rich in information about the history of wargaming, but also explores current wargaming. We discover how the games came to be, how miniatures are created, sculpted and moulded. The film also follows 4 distinct and personal stories of real Wargamers and their discovery of the hobby and how it has impacted their lives. We want to show how vast the industry and community are while breaking down some of the stereotypes surrounding the hobby.”
Question: Who is the audience your documentary is aimed at?  
Alice: “Our goal is to make the film enjoyable for Wargamers across the world, but also for people that have no prior knowledge of the hobby. We wish to create an engaging film that Wargamers can relate to whilst still making a film that can introduce others to the hobby in both a factual and personal way.”
Question: The opening of the movie trailer seems to set out to challenge widely held stereotypes of ‘wargamers’.  What do you think these stereotypes are?  How do you think your movie will add to the public’s perception of our hobby and the people who play?
Alice: “There is a certain stereotype when people who don’t know the community hear the word “wargaming”. I hope that this documentary will make those people rethink, as the community is so diverse. There are so many different generations playing different genres and many people who enjoy wargaming for different reasons. Whether it’s the painting side, or the gaming side, or being a fan of historical gaming and battles, or creating terrain, or designing their own games, or being interested in tanks, or fantasy, or Napoleonic, or sci-fi, there is something for everyone. We hope to break down any misconceptions and show that Wargaming is an immense hobby that attracts
Miniature Wargaming

Why the underwear?

people from all walks of life. ”

Question: Apart from the Special Edition Dark Council Miniature, no women appear in the movie’s trailer or website.  Do you think that wargames and, in particular, fantasy and sci-fi games are made by men, for men and about men? Will the movie explore the relative absence and/or portrayal of women in wargaming?  If not, why not?
Alice: “Good question! We have actually interviewed many women in the industry and have footage from many events of women playing as well as men – none of this footage is staged so we hope the shots of the community will give an accurate representation of wargamers no matter gender or age. It was really an accident that no women made the trailer edit and is definitely not the message we are trying to put across. From a historical perspective wargaming is thought of as a “man’s game”. However, even if we look at the title of H G Wells’ book “Little Wars: a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys’ games and books“, we can see that it has always been stereotypically a “mans game”, but also appeals to girls and people of all ages. This is still true today, as there is a stereotype that it only appeals to men, but there is a huge community of women just as interested in the hobby. As Fantasy and Sci-fi games are creating a lot more female miniatures which also helps more girls get into the hobby. We will not be talking about the lack of women gamers as even though the industry is quite male dominated, more and more girls are playing and enjoying wargaming, and we wish to show that this hobby can appeal to everyone and anyone. “
Miniature Wargaming

An all male cast?

Question: The movie’s trailer and website alludes to the role major companies and publications have had in main-streaming wargaming on the High Street.  How will the movie avoid becoming a 90 minute advert for wargaming’s big-hitters?  Will the movie acknowledge the cottage-industry element of the hobby in this country and abroad? Will the movie examine the pros and cons of the commercialisation of wargaming?
Alice: “Whilst the movie does highlight some popular games and show a range of games being played, our goal is to not advertise anyone in particular or focus on solely one company. We wish to show a realistic variety of what wargaming involves, this includes talking with both bigger and smaller companies and the process of creating a game and miniatures. As the film is based in England, many of the companies involved are also based here. However, we have traveled across the globe to find stories from other perspectives, communities and companies in other areas of the world. We hope that the film covers as much ground as possible to help demonstrate that the universe of miniature wargaming is boundless and still expanding with new and innovative ideas everyday. “
Question: Finally, when and in what format will the movie be released?
Alice: “The film is available through our Kickstarter campaign on HD digital download, Digital copy on USB, DVD and Blu-Ray to be received next year. After the Kickstarter the film will be going to film festivals and won’t be available to the public until a much later date. So if you want to see the documentary soon make sure not to miss out!
Thanks for your questions, I hope this helps you learn a little more about the film and what we wish to achieve.”

So, there you have it.  Sounds interesting?  Speak your brains below…

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