FOW After Action Report ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’

Paul once again joined us for his second Flames of War game, and after a cursory update of our modelling and blogging activities, we decided that the evenings play would be first Chris and then Justin against Paul in a couple of infantry aces games, the first of which is documented here.

In this first game, Justin acted as both observer and umpire, and it is his commentary and narrative that forms the basis of the following after action report.

We started on Guiness and ended up on beer, with mints and peanuts filling in the gaps.

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18 Responses to “FOW After Action Report ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’

  • Yet another excellent AAR (maybe some pointy arrows showing movement or highlighting comments about fields of fire would improve it but that’s just my opinion) Well painted models fighting it out over some great terrain …. and in my household all I’ve achieved so far is a mountain of lead to paint; I can’t even blame the children because you have those too!

    • Some arrows would be good Mark, the only issue is this does take time, but I am developing the format to allow for new things such as these. Army lists will begin to feature in future AARโ€™s.

      Regarding lead mountains, I sympathise, they are familiar to me.. I have painted barely a company in a year. How much of your lead mountain have you got through so far, and what is pending?

      • Hmm good question, had a bit of a stock take. So, ignoring the GW stuff and a pile of 1:35th stuff, the mountain looks like: WIP, 2 Cromwells, 3 Tetrarchs, Brit Para Co, 2 maultier, sdkfz10/5, 2sdkfz251, von saucken’s 250 & blitz with2cm flak, ready for painting, barkmann set, panzer kanonen,brit hq, german hq, 8 para jeeps, 2 daimler & 2 dingo armoured cars, various para support sections (vickers, 6 pounders, 75mm howitzers) 2 sdkfz 251/7D. The mountain of boxes still to open… Wittman, tigers marsch, rommel, pzgren hq, sturmtigers, tom stanley, bren carriers, ss pz gren co (plus 2 more platoons and a pioneer platoon) another brit para co, ra battery, 2 pz ivh platoons, panther platoon, stugiii platoon, 88mm platoon, 3 Hummels, 3 panzerwerfers, 2 more stugs, another panther, 8 more Tetrarchs, 13 German softskins (blitzs, schwimwagons,etc) another pz ivh and a pz ivg and an assortment of more figures… Germans in greatcoats, tank crews, para command group etc oh and 6 more assorted sdkfz 251s (9Ds, 7Ds, etc)
        Thats it.. Is this a record or am I relatively normal?

        • Mark you will need to think about retiring early to even think about finishing that lot.

          Either that or you simply give up and field an impressive army of silver terminator-like figures!

          I think we need some sort of Model Dads confessional so people can offload any guilty feelings they have of these unpainted and escalating lead stock piles!

          • Dear Modeldads,
            A “friend” of mine has a horrible addiction, having fessed upto a huge backlog of models to make he accidentally went and bought three more…. Zvezda blitz & gaz trucks…”but they looked so cute”…

        • Dear Model Dads, forgive me for I have sinned. Last Christmas I asked for a huge FJ army that I’ve still not painted up. I’ve hidden the 20mm cannon, 88mm FLAK and Neberlwerfers from my opponent. Am I forigiven? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Dear Model Dads,

            I have also sinned.

            I have also planned extended lines of cost effective Neberlwerfers to deploy against my regular opponent and have sometimes gone to sleep at night imaging the look on his face as we are both counting the vast numbers hits that have occurred on his bases under the template.

            I have had similar thoughts about heavy artillery, and sometimes even occasional thoughts about one day using the extra large template.

            Please forgive me for these sins and also the dream about having 100 Pumas.

          • Dear Santa,
            I’ve been a good boy all year, can I have more lead for xmas please!!!

            Last time I painted, about 10 years ago, I had mountains of lead, just like you describe. Indeed I’ve pulled down boxes of the stuff from the loft but this time round I’ve changed tactics. Partly because of budget contraints, those kids are expensive!, but mostly because of the psycology I’ve kept the paint queue down to a few units at a time. I’m working hand to mouth and only ordering a few more when I’m in danger of the queue being empty and then only a few. So I’m not sat looking at mountians feeling depressed that I’ll never get through it all but perpetually in “just one more unit and them I’m done” state. It seems to be working for me ๐Ÿ™‚

            keep smiling

          • Dear Modeldads, I have sinned again.. in my defence I would like to say there’s no point of having a battery of Hummels without the Radio Truck and Op Tank so I really really needed these. And my Hvy Platoon wouldn’t be complete without some more halftracks (251/8cm).
            Please confirm this is ok…

  • Love the style, best AAR format on the web!!!

    …and you’re taunting me with that windmill!!! I want the hovels church too but with it coming up to my bday and xmas I need to hold back some stuff the family can wrap up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well done guys.

    • Cheers Dave.

      Once Justin gets through his current batch of minis, we will hopefully see a few more nice buildings appearing next year at some point.

  • Nice looking figures and terrain

    • Thanks Al. We try to add something a little different in each game to keep it interesting. Tonight’s game – which was excellent – featured a railway. We’ll publish the next AAR in a couple of weeks.

  • Just a quickie, is “OOOORAAH!!!” russian for stick the boot in?

    • That, or OOOOORAAARGGGHHHHHH!!!! as the machine guns open up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sharp intake of breath!

  • What a fascinating AAR – thanks, guys!

    Lovely scenery too: nice work there.

    • Welcome to the site Admiral, glad you enjoyed the AAR. We try and get them out fairly regularly, but they’re time consuming to do. Chris is working on an epic as I write. Should be out soon.

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