Model Dad’s Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals [Sold Out]

Please follow the link here to see our 2014 range of Normandy decals.

If you don’t own a set of Model Dad’s Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals you won’t be able to easily add authenticity to your 15mm figure bases.

If you can’t easily add authenticity to your 15mm figure bases you won’t be able to:Model Dads Mines Signs and Maps decals

  • Apply convincing looking maps and documents to your artillery staff teams.
  • Present historically accurate signage, including over 20 Normandy place names and 16 German military directional markers.
  • Add colourful flavour objects to your dioramas such as the British Army’s Guide to France or copies of the German propaganda magazine, Signal.St Come du Mont and German military marker decals
  • Warn your enemy of deadly mine fields!

Available now exclusively from Model Dads 155 full colour water-slide decals only £5.99 UK / £6.99 Worldwide, ziplock bag, instructions and postage & packing included.

What to know about Model Dads Normandy decals?  Click here for more information.

Want help applying your decals? Check out our step-by-step photographic tutorial by clicking here.

Please note: decals are made to order.  Due to current high levels of demand, UK residents can expect to receive their orders within 10 working days via Royal Mail.  International customers can expect delivery within 15 working days dependent upon the vagaries of Airmail.

Model Dads Normandy Decals

29 Responses to “Model Dad’s Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals [Sold Out]

  • Hey! Many thanks for these awesome decals!
    I think I’ll have a use for them, as I’m currently painting a Paratrooper Company (506 PIR rules!) in Normandy to face my Fallschirmjäger.

    Fiasco, a French follower!

  • Scott Bowman
    6 years ago

    These look great but I see you have tagged the blog post ‘sold out’ – any chance you’ll be getting anymore – I’d really like a set.

  • Don Bardinelli
    6 years ago

    Count me in as well, I would like to get a set.

  • I would also like to have those decals.

    BTW, nice blog 😛

  • Hi, do you think, that you will make reprint of these decals in some time?

    • Please, please, please make more decals

      • Don – would love to but it’s just not cost effective for us. Postage and packaging, tax, we’d have to charge a lot more than we did before.


  • Yes – please can you make some more. I would definitely take some. Or would you make the artwork available if you are not interested in the manufacture?



  • +1 ……I want some maps for my staff teams! Maybe they’ll be able to range in then

    • LOL – well, I’m sorry, but we’re not planning on making any more 😛 Part of the problem was costs. If folk would like to make swapsies for stuff that we need this remains an unlikely possibility. We’re both painting up warbands for Saga at present and, other than a few things, I don’t thing much is on the shopping list, unfortunately…

  • I am sure people would pay a more if the cost to make them was the issue, They sold out before I got a sniff at them too :(.

    Is it not something that you could pass on to someone else to make them , eg someone who makes decals all the time ,for example Dom’s decals ?. Perhaps he could make them cheaper if he has a full time set up for making decals.

    A real shame if you done make any more as they look brilliant lads!.


  • damn damn and damn !!
    we need a solution to the decals :))…..many people ( more than on my hands and toes) have been asking me about the decals since i mentioned it at our yearly show.
    Theres a lot of miserable people around now they are gone :))
    I would certainly pay top whack for them….they were brilliant.


    • Anonymous
      6 years ago

      What yearly show is that? And how many precisely 🙂

  • tinfish
    5 years ago

    Can these still be bought? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to buy them, and it says they are sold out. Is that why?

    I was kinda expecting a online sotre, but perhaps I am just being blind 😀

  • Patsycoconut
    5 years ago

    Hey there! will you be reprinting these? they look fantastic and would love to add some to my models.

    • Funny you should mention that. I’m thinking about it…

      • Bob Sanders
        5 years ago

        Count at least one more set sold should you choose to reprint. Please let me know ASAP if you do so. Thanks in advance!!

        • Bob – check out the blog – express yourself and it’s likely you’ll get your decals 🙂

  • Stick me down for a set if you do! I have minefields and signs in the queue…



  • I’d buy a set of these and be willing to pay more than you guys charged for your previous printing…

  • Hi Justin.

    with Operation Deadstick forcing Operation Decal 2.0 onto the back burner, any chance of a reprint of the 1.0 decals instead?



    • Heh…not really. It’s the administration that’s the killer…

  • See, so excited by Decals even my auto correct on the iPhone was distracted.

    Spot the mistakes. Winner gets to sell me some decals!

    …worth a shot.

  • Would you consider making the file available to those who want to print their own? It would be a great public service. But, like others, I’d happily pay 2-3 times your original files for a printed copy. You have a great product here!

    • Hi TJ – thanks for feeding back. Whilst I recognise it would be a great public service I hope you’ll understand that I won’t be making this file publically available. I will take a look at the new files and see if I can pull something together for Christmas…in the meantime I’ll check and see if there are any odd ones lurking around and email you directly if I find any…

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