Monument aux Morts

As regular readers might recall, when I get bored or want a distraction from existing projects I’m painting a series of what I’m calling ‘flavour- pieces’.   I started with cows and  – staying with the Normandy theme – I’ve just finished a World War I war memorial.

The piece itself orginiates from French provider, Decors, and is representative of those monuments erected in many of the towns and villages in Normandy at the end of 1918.

The piece is reminiscent of the memorial appearing in the series of photos of Lingèvres.   Lingèvres was the scene of fierce fighting on 14th June 1944 between the 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry supported by tanks of ‘A’ Squadron 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards and Panzer Lehr. A nice account of this battle can be found here (you’ll have to scroll down abit).  As the photos below illustrate, the memorial still exists today:

Needless to say, my piece arrived unpainted:

Following Harvey’s advice, I base coated in a bog-standard acryllic using a large brush. In this case Anita’s Craft Paint 11043 Grey, followed by a wash with Citadel’s Badab Black:

This was followed by VMC 143 Flat Earth and a series of very light drybrushes of grey mixed with an increasingly light mix of Anita’s 11049 Sand.  This really brought out the detail so characteristic of Decors pieces.  Note the cross and inscriptions:

Wanting to enhance the detailing further, I added another diluted wash:

Happy with the result, I had a mad moment highlighting what I’d interpreted as an earthern base.  I’m not really sure what is sculpted here. It isn’t granular like earth, the resin sort of rolls in a gentle series of peaks and troughs.  To replicate the photos above, I’ve painted mine as earth, but the rolling nature of the resin and my clumsy attempts at drybrushing produced a rather streaky effect 🙁 :

To tone it down abit and enhance the contrast, I ran several washes of Citadel’s Devlan Mud around the edge of the base and lower aspects of the monument itself:

A final very light dry brush on the edges of the obelisk and the addition of some tufts mixed with leaves completes the piece:

I would of have liked some of the tufts to have contained coloured flowers, but couldn’t be bothered to order some or incur the costs.

Another item of scenery done.  The wife will be pleased.

Well, as pleased as she ever gets… 🙂

10 Responses to “Monument aux Morts

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Looks great, I need some in the future when I start playing games in Normandy after I have done the Desert War and Russia.

    • The WWI memorial look really good and could also be used in early war Blitzkreig battles as well as the Normandy battles. Also in the Normandy battles you can use the wreakage of the French battles of 1940.

  • Nice Job, the washes and drybrush make it!

  • Keith Schur
    6 years ago

    How does one place orders for the excellent Decors buildings? I see the prices on the web site, but it is not clear how one orders the product.

    • Hi Keith,

      You email them with the product codes and quantities required. They send you a price which includes postage and packing. If you like it, they invoice you through PayPal. About 10 days later your stuff arrives. I was sceptical at first, but tried it and it works.

      • Keith Schur
        6 years ago

        Thanks for the reply Justin. I see on the website a link to “contact the author”. I suppose that is the correct way to get in touch with the fellow who makes the models? I don’t see any email addresses.

  • So I was drooling over the decors website, like yer do, when I noticed a reference to jr minitures; a quick surf later and I was looking at more stuff to spend money and, WHAT??!!! a whole Reichstag building! Battle for Berlin anybody? Gwan gwangwangwan you know you want to..

  • I think so. I’ll dig out my email address for him. Be sure to mention us!

  • Patrick
    6 years ago

    Just because im french and it felt wrong it should be “Monument aux Morts” not Mortes or it would imply that they were all females.

    Beside that I really enjoy your site, been reading it whole for the past week, can’t wait to put some of your knowledge on my project.

    Thank you Dads !

    • Thanks Patrick, spelling mistake ammended 🙂

      Glad you’ve found the trawl worthwhile…

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