Mustang Game Systems 101st airborne decals

Well, what with the 67th anniversary of D-Day tomorrow coinciding with the start of our visit from OfSTED (gulp), I was reminiscing about the 65th anniversary 2 years ago when I was fortunate enough to travel to Normandy with a party of veterans to join in the celebrations.  Needless to say, this was a sobering – but exceedingly good-humoured – experience that I’ll never forget. But, I digress.

Put it down to the time of year or the weather, I felt compelled to paint up my Parachute Rifle Company (UBX18) that was an impulse buy during the Maelstrom sale a couple of months back.  I’ve made good progress cleaning up and priming 70 US paras, airbrushing the base-coat and painting all the helmets and boots in about 5 days.

Inspired by the shoulder patch decals that shipped with my Warlord Games 28mm British Infantry, I noted the recent appearance on ebay of Mustang Game Systems’ 15mm shoulder patch decals.  After reading a postive review at TMP and contacting David over at Mustang Games I received the following photos:

Intrigued, I ordered one pack on Monday which arrived on Saturday, not bad for the US to the UK.  For $9.00 including postage and packing, I received 42 101st Screaming Eagle patches and 38 US flag decals as well as a small instruction sheet. The decals are printed on white paper to ensure a high colour content, but this does necessitate some very careful – and potentially disastrous 🙂 –  trimming.  The Screaming Eagle patch is printed on a suitable ‘tan’ background to blend in to your little mens’ uniforms.

The decals are a little large for 15mm but, as I hope the photo below illustrates, they should fit neatly on the upper arms of figures whilst being clear enough to pass the 3 foot rule:

My only gripe is that there isn’t an equal number of Screaming Eagle and US flag patches. Odd.  Will report back with photos when the Company is complete.

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  • Sorry about the 101st/Flag thing. its all in the way the sets are layed out. Ive also newly added the Border around the patch to help solve the problem of White showing around the actual Patch when you cut them out. Also I recomend on the Flags,in order to get them to “Roll” onto the shoulders, that after Cutting, you Bend the flag in the middle before dipping into the Water.I am available for comments,Questions,Gripes, and suggestions! Dave

  • Thanks Justin. I keep Making lots of Improvements lately, but its kind of slow going owing to me being a 1 man company. I’ve been meaning to rewrite the instructions to include what ive learned about the Flags and Decals from applying them myself, but I can never seem to catch up on my work to demonstrate all of them.

  • Tim Harris
    7 years ago

    These are great. I’ve used about 4 sheets of them for my 82nd Airborne as well as the Ranger patches for a platoon in MW as a support option for my Para’s. Also used the nose art for my P47’s. There were some images on the web snapped by the UK distributor, they were taken at A Call to Arms in Theale earlier this year, although I don’t know where they are now?

    I can heartily recommend them, although my sets did have the white around the patch, so needed to be cut very finely, not an easy task with them being 2mm by 2 mm. It is good to see that they have taken this on board and making the necessary changes.

    • I agree with Tim, they are very good. I’m working with Dave to refine the instructions and provide a video tutorial on how to apply them. Once you get over the fiddliness, you can bang them out quite fast.

      And remember, 25% off for Dads readers! Check out the banner at the top of the brochure website!

  • Actually Tim, I have a copy of that picture of your P-47 flying the”Bad Omen” Nose art 😉 I need to re-post it on my website.(with your permission of course) if you have any suggestions or input on how to Improve the application of the decals, just let Justin or Myself Know.I’d like to get to the point with my decals, where I actually get Noticed by Cartograf, or somebody like that who could print white ink on clear decal paper, and who would take my company seriously!

  • Happy 4th of July! As you Brits must Know, this celebrates our Independance from Great Britain, so in Honor of this very special occasion, on Ebay Right now listed in the FOW Category is a Buy one/Get 1 Free special on all 15MM Decals. except it doesnt apply to you British Opressors*Smirk smirk* Just Kidding!

  • Great decals 🙂

    And oh we might have done better in the long run keeping America and giving you lot the UK 😛

    But would you have won the Battle of Britain?

  • I dont think we would have, we had pretty crappy fighters until about 1943, then the F4U, and F6F Hellcat came out for our fleet, and the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-38 Lightning for the airforce. But ya do gotta definately look at the fact that the Mustang would not have made it without the British Rolls Royce Merlin Engine, so I’ll give ya Kudos where they are Due Chris 😉 and Go on to say that my Favorite Fighters are the Mustang and the Spitfire.

  • July 4th just a celebration of plucky Brits beating the Germans again anyway…

  • Well, My birthday is today(July 5th) I’m not unpatriotic, but I tend to celebrate both the 4th and the 5th on the same day. Nice good bottle of scotch, and a day off doing nothing but being lazy,Note the scotch.. another bad influence from the Plucky British Isles! 🙂

  • Well as it happens my family have had a lot of connections with Rolls Royce engines, my uncle was an engineer for Rolls Royce, my father’s Grandad was a gunner in a Halifax bomber powered by RR Merlins and my brother is an Air Load Master on helicopter in the RAF and well err he probably comes across them on occasion.

    And of course I do my bit – with little soldiers 🙂

  • Thats a Very Honorable Association, its too bad that the Allison Engines in Most U.S Fighters were Definately not the equivalent of the RR Merlins, in fact the Allison’s were so Underpowered and Unreliable as to be an Embarrassment 🙁 And I think Most of us would like to be Wealthy enough to own a RR Silver Ghost. Heck, I’d like to own a Lotus for that matter.. but dont think thats ever gonna happen when all my money goes on them little soldiers 😉

  • I said goodbye to my convertible when my little one arrived, unfortunately two parents + one child does not fit into two seats.

    On the subject of decals, I’m just finishing basing up a late war German heavy mortar which need decals, I think Justin will pick out the ones I need as he is the resident Model Dads historical supremo!

  • Well, for Decals right now for Vehicles we Have:1st,2nd,3rd,5th,9th,10th, and 12th SS Divisions, and for Wehrmacht we have 2nd and 11th Panzer divisions. also we have German Helmet decals(Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager and SS).If you wanted a special set made up, definately get with Justin and let me know, wont take long to make em for you, and I’m going to be sending a bunch of Decals Justins way soon 😉

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