NUTS Mission 1: a small AAR

The 5 British paras from the 6th Airborne Divsion dropped more or less silently into the narrow Normandy lane. Well, as silently as hob-nailed boots might allow anyway.

Noting the farmhouse in the distance, Sgt. Simms consulted his map:

If they could just cross that open ground, they’d be well on their way to the DZ at Ranville.

Squinting, for he was ‘Short-sighted’ after all, Simms peered through the hedgerow at the farmhouse ahead.  Was there somebody out there?

BANG – schwing!!!  Christ, it’s Jerry! Take cover!

Reacting quickly , a German sentry snapped off a quick shot.  Ducking behind the embankment, Lance Corporal Roberts takes aim with his trusty Sten and returns fire – pop! pop! pop! – dropping Fritz and putting him Out-of-the-Fight:

But it’s not all over.  Roberts spots 2 more Germans along the wall tucked down by a coal bunker and another at the door of the farmhouse.  Rifle and sten fire erupts from the headgeline, targeting the 2 Germans by the bunker.  With rounds ricocheting off the wall, the 2 Germans turn the long barrel of their MG42 and open fire on the hedgeline.  With dirt kicking up all along the embankment, Simms and Roberts clear forget about being Outgunned 🙂 and return fire.  In the protracted firefight that ensues the paras greater elan wins  through,

But not without cost, Roberts lies face down and bleeding.

The remaining German ducks back into the house and is joined by his NCO.  After a frantic conversation, they scamble upstairs and flinging open the shutters of an upstairs window target Sgt. Simms with a sustained burst of fire.

Ignoring the dirt kicked up by their less than accurate marksmanship, Simms and the remainder of the squad return fire.  After a few minutes, an ominous silence ensues,

“Right boys, job’s a good ‘un.  Any one for a cup of tea?”

So ended our first shoot-out using NUTS.  And all in less than 90 minutes.  Not bad.  For us.  It’s whet our appetite for more and it was nice to finally get to play with some old 20mm figures that haven’t seen action before.

For those of you who know the game well, you’ll see that we had to adapt the initial tutorial mission as we don’t have any American paras.  This wasn’t too difficult and whilst we struggled to remember all of the Reaction tests and being Outgunned we certainly enjoyed the game’s mechanics.  As new players, an initial firefight certainly highlights the importance of Leaders with high Reputations and the value, if it isn’t already obvious, of cover.

Roll on another game.

13 Responses to “NUTS Mission 1: a small AAR

  • Good stuff. I havent posted any new AAR’s for a while been too busy building!

  • Nice report glad you had fun with it. Cover is very important as is being able to lay down some fire on the enemy. There are alot of reactions and such to remember but Im sure it comes with time I am still working on it. Btw your table and terrain looks great!

  • Nice report. Love the scenery.

  • Allan Traise
    7 years ago

    Great to see and After Action Report!

    I might look into the NUTS rules.

    I have Disposable Heroes and Rules of Engagement at the moment. I love playing Flames of War but am leaning towards Pulp/Weird War Scenarios for a laugh in 28mm.

    Have you ever played AE-WWII or Secrets of the Third Reich?

    Happy Gaming and please keep posting!


    • Hi Allan, I’ve had a look at the alternative WWII games, but I guess they’re not really my cup of tea. But the Nazi zomibies? I do have a soft spot for zombies…

  • Really good looking game. The road and hgedgerows are superb as are the figures. I got here via the link on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo Group. You can’t beat these rules.

  • Nice report and great looking figs and scenery. I’ve been a fan of Two Hour Wargames for a while now. The game mechanics work very well. What’s next for the British paras? Looking forward to it.

  • Great, thanks for all that feedback guys. Considering the interest this post has generated, we’ll have to write-up our next game of NUTS.

    I’ll post some more photos of the figures I’ve got from yester-year over the next couple of days. Back then, I was working with a distinct Arnhem agenda in mind so you’ll get plenty of helpings of paras, don’t worry! 🙂

  • Very impressive, chaps – I am getting into THW increasingly and I suppose I am a skirmisher at heart 🙂
    This looks like it was a great introductory game all round – looking forward to more in the future!
    Great inspiration – thanks!

  • Thanks for posting the Nuts AAR – fantastic looking scenery too. Where did you get those trees from ? I’m still painting my figures but hope to try mission 1 asap.


    • Thanks Buks – the trees are just Woodland Scenics – we did a 3-part video tutorial on it a couple of months back, go check it out.

      • thanks Justin. I think I might just have to pop into town and get some of those.

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