Operation TONGA ep. 1

A couple of weeks ago, my good self and the lads from House of Hengist got together to put on Operation Tonga, a whole day of wargaming recreating 1st Airborne’s coup de main on the bridges over the River Orne; the asssault on the Merville battery; and seizing (and holding) of Le Bas Ranville.

The game took place on 3 large tables and played over by 2 teams of 3 in 5 x 1 hour turns.  Each player inherited the deployment (read mess!) his team-mate left him with.  This could be off-set (to some extent) by the allocation of reserves by the C-in-C in accordance with the historical order of battle.  This was, of course, rigorously researched with every effort made to model AFVs and figures as they would have appeared 🙂 .  We even had prizes but more on that later…

Now, when you’ve got all this nice kit out, it seems a shame not to take a few photos so I’ve turned them into a little comic to commemorate the day.  Hope you enjoy and, if you like it it, please comment below:

8 Responses to “Operation TONGA ep. 1

  • Bloody marvellous old bean and beats TY any day !

    Love the comic

  • Not 1st but 6th Airborne Div for DDay!

    Excellent report

  • Very nice Justin – a Commando comic with miniatures, what’s not to like

    Looking forward to you starting the Arnhem tables now 😉

  • Loving the comic book effect, well done. I have this sudden urge to watch “The Longest Day” again lol.

  • Phil Short
    2 years ago

    What a wonderful day!!! great fun and we must have another go!!!

  • Next year even bigger and we are looking for like minded players so contact us

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