Painting the legendary razvedchiki 1/3:

When I first started playing Flames of War, I bought figures I liked the look of rather than those required by an army list. I came across just such an impulse purchase when I was rummaging through a box load of unpainted lead for eligible Katyusha crews the other day.  Somewhere between under-coating and base painting, this blister pack of Soviet Scouts had been confined to barracks after I’d realised that the Strelkovy had to come first.  Despite being knee-deep in Zvezda’s Katyusha –  or perhaps because of it –  I thought I’d distract myself further by painting these up, now :):

There are 2 things I’m going to struggle with here: colours and camouflage.

Contemporay photographs seem relatively hard to come by and none are in colour.  The only one I’be been able to locate derives from the Lvov-Sandomierz operation in Poland during July 1944:

A close-up gives a slightly, but not significantly, better idea of the camouflage pattern itself: tells me that the 1938 “amoeba-pattern” one- and two-piece overalls worn by airborne forces, sappers, snipers and, of course, the razvedchiki was issued in 3 main colour-variants: pale-green, khaki and dark-yellow:





Is it me, or is this looking like a camouflage Mardis Gras? 🙂 Part of me really wants to go bright green:










But who am I kidding?  I’m a sucker for doing what I’m told, so let’s see what Battlefront have to say.  Pick up any of the existing LW Eastern Front Army lists and you’re advised to go either Russian Uniform (094) or Khaki-Grey (113) with Black or German Camo Black Brown (150) ‘blotches’.

I’m cool with the colour for the blotches, but less certain about the background colours. give 2 nice examples of, presumably, original material:





At this scale, Russian Uniform doesn’t work for me as a pale-green.  Trawling through my paints, the nearest I can find is Yellow Green (112).  On the other hand, Khaki Grey is a good call and matches the original shade well.  But I’m wondering, will the amoeba-patter show up sufficiently well on such a dark background?  Thinking about it further, I realise that since I’m going to be dippping these figures, I might be best to go for something lighter.  Perhaps Khaki (115) will do?

The base coated results don’t seem too bad.  On the right you have Yellow Green highlighted with Citadel Gretchin Green and on the left is just plain old Khaki.  I’ll probably highlight with a Khaki / Medium Grey (111) mix:

But what about the – gulp – amoeba pattern?  Don’t talk to me about amoebas!

That’s a whole different story…

7 Responses to “Painting the legendary razvedchiki 1/3:

  • None of em seem to have noticed the surrendering landser, maybe he’ll sneek off… That pale green is crazy.

    • Well spotted, I wondered if anyone would comment on him. He’s abit of colour for the platoon HQ base 🙂

  • Trust me, it will never happen anyway, Justin never takes prisoners.

  • My advice that you may follow or not is to go for lighter colors. It doesn’t matter whether they will stand out as a sore finger, that’s the idea. The scouts are the figures you bought on an impulse and because you like them: you want to see them!

    So go for light colors that will make them stand out!

    • That’s good advice, thanks Braxen. I’d gone lighter than i first thought with the tan background painting it Panzer Aces 321 Highlight British Tanker. Looks good. Will post an update shortly. Jusdt mustering up enough courage to paint amoebas!

  • Nice article thanks. Always fancied doing a RR army for FOW. A bit smaller and easier to paint than the big strelkovy. I do like the idea of using the scout figures.


    • Glad you found it useful b-g, will post Part 2 shortly.

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