Panther Enhanced: entries 3/3

Well, I think that’ll be the last time I give books away 🙂  Only 2 entries so far.  3 sets of books to give-away.  I’ll leave you to do the math whilst you goggle these beauties from Piers (think Battlegroup and Kildare Paintworks), Derek Black and Braxen.  Thanks for taking the time to enter chaps.  Pending an avalanche of entries it looks like you two will get 2 new books for your libraries courtesy of Pen& Sword:

6 Responses to “Panther Enhanced: entries 3/3

  • ok, I bite, how do we submit again?

  • ooh books?

    • Sorry mate, that’s all over now 🙂 I had 3 entries for 3 sets of books. Good news for the consumer! Pen And Sword let me know that they’ve all been lovingly packed and are on their way to the lucky few – enjoy.

  • Nigel Maddaford
    2 years ago

    Completely missed this and I’ve just finished a T34 based on a picture from an images of war book. Need to check this site more often.

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