Parachute Infantry LMG platoon

The rainy Bank Holiday weekend has provided me with an opportuntity to finish off another piece of WIP, a parachute infantry LMG platoon.  I’ve got to hand it to Battlefront, the sculpts are top-notch:

Not that it’s particularly noticeable in these photos, but I’ve been applying some additional highlights to the face and easing off on the dip on the helmets.  This has helped tease out a little more of the detail through enhanced contrast.

Loved painting the M3A4 handcart.  My bible for painting this – and parachute infantry in general – has been the Histoire and Collections oustanding D-DAY Paratroopers: The Americans:

Choc-a-bloc full of Normandy airborne goodness covering every aspect of weapons, equipment, insignia and decorations.  Fantastic for getting all the colours right (including that waterproof gas mask bag (Bag M7) strapped to the leg which has mystified me for ages.

Basing continues to be inspired by Evan’s paratrooper bases with me copying his clever idea for piles of empty.30 cal shell casings using brass rod.  I’ve gone abit bonkers on this mainly, I guess, after watching this video of piles and piles of spent ammo:

Liking experimenting with different coloured two-tone tufts, they just seem so hard to find nowadays (why is Antenoceti’s Workshop always out of stock? 🙂 ).

As someone once said, too much time… 🙂

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  • “The sculpts are top-notch”…hmm, you should have seen their first generation paras. -These- were top-notch. They are now collectible.

    • Wow, OK. Any photos anywhere? Like to see them…

      • I have a few distant pictures of figures that I sold to someone else. Not ideal. The US infantry also was very good.
        The figures were nicely proportioned and you could swear they were copied after D-Day pictures and/or the “longest day” movie.

        The most recent set of paratroopers was more of a step backward in the opinion of many in that the figure became more cartoonish and gamey.

        The recent Udarnys are a change again in style in the direction of better proportions and more realism. Which makes me think that this may (or may not) have been deliberate in the first place so people will trade up for the new improved US paratroopers when those will be released.

        They are design decisions made by people used to generate repeat sales. GW introduces every over year new skeletons.

        • Interesting, I’d like to have seen them. I’m not a huge fan of the recent Udarny or SS figures, although some are better than others. They’re a little too spindly and undead for me. I prefer the chunkier models characterised by these paras or British infantry boxed sets. But then I was a sucker for Britannia Miniautres chunkier 20mm style too.

          Tempted by 28mm Saga Normands now…

  • Great minds think alike! I’m working on my own US Para LMG Platoon right now. They don’t look as good as yours though! Very nice work.

    • I was just thinking the same thing.

      Thanks BL, I’m sure your’s look just fine. Post some photos when you’re done, I’d like to see them.

      • Is the handcart a new addition to the set? My blister pack is an old set (donated by the Angry Lurker) with no extra base or figures for this stand.

        • It was present in my set as well as my Engineer’s blister. I think it may have been attached under the old D-Day books, but it doesn’t appear in the revised Earth and Steel lists. Odd. Nice model. We used it last night to denote a supply buddle for our Normandy campaign.

  • Any tips on how to get out of looking after sprogs on a rainy bank holiday?

  • Samulus
    6 years ago

    Which dip do you use on these? Army Painter or you own concoction? either way, you seem to really be getting the best out of it without making the figures too dark. I’ve always struggled with this personally.

    • Thanks. I use Army Painter, but have changed my technique a little. I’m starting to add highlights around the faces in the base colour and brushing less dip on helmets and surface areas. This prevents too much ‘brown’ 🙂

  • Awesome work. The pile of shells looks very effective. Love it.

    • Thanks, will post a quick video tutorial shortly 🙂

  • The wagon on its side – where’s that from? Looks great.

  • Wreckage, ruins and mud? 🙂

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