Battlefront and Eureka Miniature’s Partisans & Polizei 15mm figure review

Our second soiree into video reviews stumbles into action to look at Battlefront and Eureka Miniatures’ partisans and polizei ranges:


We give Battlefront’s partisans and polizei range 3/5

We give Eureka Miniatures militia/partisans range 5/5

4 Responses to “Battlefront and Eureka Miniature’s Partisans & Polizei 15mm figure review

  • my favourite bits of the P&P set are: the truck – which I would love to find a way to field in my German army (perhaps attach to an HQ) but I can’t find a points value or way of doing this; and the Man-with-Dog who is going to be the pet dog of my SS General and/or Company CiC.
    One thing you didn’t mention on was the figure bases (designed to fit in the metal single bases). These are a pain if you want to mix the figures on regular bases as they need trimming down..

  • Hi Mark – you’re not wrong. After I’d finished editing I realised I’d lost the opportunity to comment on the bases – doh!

  • Great review! Just ordered my battlefront partisans and polizie set now

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