Precision Ice and Snow Effects

It’s Easter and what better way to celebrate then by experimenting with Winter? I’ve always  shied away from painting white-washed troops because it rather pigeon-holes that army for Winter operations unless, of course, you’re a perfectionist with way too much time on his hands!


The Boy is now getting of an age when he can play a simple skirmish game, so I thought why not give General Winter a go with a small number of Battlefront’s 15mm Russians and Germans.  Fantastic figures,  Greatcoats, gloves, scarves.  Love the Commissar:


I had a clear idea about how I wanted the bases: blanched grass with a layer of frozen snow.  Not opaque blobs of snow.  Not pools of slushy snow. That’s when I came across Krycell’s video tutorials demonstrating how to use their range of ice and snow effects.  Bloomin’ marvelous:


I did my bases as normal: in this case Woodland Scenics’ fine and coarse turf with a few MiniNatur tufts on a thick layer of Tamiya Earth textured paint.  Spray a couple of coats of Testors’ matt lacquer over a masked-off figure.  Dust liberally with Krycell ‘Fine’ snow and brush off excess once dry.  Repeat and seal with airbrushed acryllic matt varnish.  Once I cracked the basic technique it was easy:


I did the same with some Woodland Scenics’ tree armatures  and Noch Pine trees mounted on penny bases:


I don’t have a dedicated snow board so I canabalised an old bed sheet, airbrushed on some ochre, raw sienna and burnt umber paint and, in a pale imitation of Mark Luther’s excellent 6mm IABSM games, crayoned on some roads.  Boom – instant Eastern Front skirmish game!


Krycell do a nice range of stuff, including an ice and snow wash, sheets of frozen water, a 2-part dirty water mix and ship their products in a cool black box.  No more excuses for not getting my chill on…

4 Responses to “Precision Ice and Snow Effects

  • Frosty! Nice work as usual, love the frozen grass!

    Figures are all nicely painted too… I see they are mounted single, any particular rule set? I am right on the cusp of putting together a platoon of German/Canadian infantry on pennies but have not decided on a rule system or weather I want to write up my own..



    • Thanks Troy! Funny you should ask. Battlegroup Kursk / Normandy and Chain of Command. Had a go at Battlegroup and really enjoyed it. Boy picked it up well too. CoC for when he’s older 🙂

  • Looks great. It definitely tempts me to try something similar. My snow bases are much more plain (baking soda & white glue). Can’t wait for my own son (or daughter) to be playing such games with me … the dream!

    • Thanks, I’d certainly recommend Precision’s snow product. Very easy to use.

      Be careful what you wish for, once they’re there they’re never going away! 🙂

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