PSC’s 15mm Russian infantry and British paratroopers: a video review

Time to look backwards, forwards and all around as we have a look at the evolution of The Plastic Soldier Company’s infantry range by comparing their Russian Infantry in Summer uniform with the more recent British paratroopers, 1944-5:

4 Responses to “PSC’s 15mm Russian infantry and British paratroopers: a video review

  • Excellent review. Paras are much better than the Russians, but just on the acceptable side of chunky for my tastes and with too many berets.

    Winter Russians at the standard of the paras would see me getting the cash out.

    You been converting an old record player 🙂

  • Justin, para’s are much better , I agree, however there is something wrong about them I think it’s that the Lee Enfields look too short. I wish manufacturers would provide a recognisable No 2 for walking Bren numbers, perhaps with the extra Bren pouches and a container for spare barrels etc

  • All things being well I’ll be bring some PSC late British weapons teams for you to experience first hand…

    Would be great if PSC did an extras sprue. Have been looking for a wire team and dispatch rider in 15mm myself 😉

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