Repainting Hornby Skaledale: Derelict Stables

It all started with a routine visit to Model Zone on a Saturday afternoon.  You know the sort of thing.  Take the 2 boys in for a browse whilst the wife and step-daughter look around BHS.  Truth be told, I had a £10 Model Zone gift voucher that was burning a hole in my pocket from Christmas and yesterday seemed as good a day as any to spend it.

I had every intention of going in and getting some paint or modelling stuff, but then the Hornby section caught my eye.  Some Skaledale stuff was half-price (a church, a whole bleedin’ painted church for less than £12! – doh!).  I was after more walls, but found the Derelict Farm and Trackside ranges:

Totally forgetting issues of scale (SkaleDale is OO or 1/76 scale / 21/2mm and15mm is 1/107th), I was tempted by the allure of the pre-painted Derelict Stables:

Don’t be fooled by the clever photography on the box. Taking it up to the counter, I discovered that the finished piece wasn’t as dark or well shaded as first appearances suggested.  But it was hollow and big enough to accomodate 1 small and 2 medium bases as well as the entire equine population of Ste. Justine-du-Mont (bonus!).  Next thing I knew I was eagerly showing it to the wife in the middle of the High Street with a stupid grin on my face saying I could repaint it in no time.  As the eldest boy said, it’s always good to have a project – as if I haven’t got enough on at the best of times!

Getting home, it was clear what needed to be done:

I really liked the way they’d simulated the growth of moss on the roof tiles, but the grass was way too green.  That got a coat of Vallejo (079) Golden Olive:

Second, the whole barn needed taking down a tone or too.  This was going to be a job for Citadel Washes.  The wood on the stable doors needed a look-see as well.  I watered down some Vallejo Panzer Aces (310) Old Wood and got to work.    I’m not anticipating a big drama here. I want to quickly enhance the existing paint-job to make it blend in with my other stuff, not a redux from scratch.

The paint adhered well and I found out that 2-3 successive coats of slightly watered down Devlin Mud over the walls and roof quickly achieved the desired effect:

You can clearly see the difference a couple of coats make here with the wash in effect on the right:

And don’t forget to make good use of the excellent Vallejo Black primer to paint the inside:

Not happy with the final effect on the grass, I stuck a range of different types of Woodland Scenic’s clump all over it.

Job done, and it only took a couple of hours (not includng drying time!):

11 Responses to “Repainting Hornby Skaledale: Derelict Stables

  • They also make a pillbox that looks useful …it’s in my models to finish pile…

  • Looks good. How does it look scale-wise next to 15mm figures?

    • The final few photos should give you some idea, they’re 15mm figures. I like it. What do you think?

  • Allan Traise
    6 years ago

    Great work Justin!

    I have tried the N scale plastic railway buildings and as nice as they are far too small. I will keep an eye out for the above stuff though. Very nice!

    Happy Gaming,


    • Thanks Allan. I was wondering about some of those, but it is interesting to hear that they are rather on the small side. I was looking at N Gauge vehicles for custom objective markers, like a tractor. Do you happen to know if these are also too small?

  • Scale-wise they look fine to me. I find that HO/OO scale houses can look a bit large, but any farm building/barn/outhouse should work ok as they come in all sizes anyway.

    Is this made from resin?

    • Yes, a nice heavy cast that is very robust. Unlike the new farm buildings from Battlefront 🙂

  • Great job – seems to be in scale, and looks the part of a building in a war zone with the damaged roof.

  • Hi Justin,

    The building looks great and does go well with your 15mm figures.
    Could you give me the dimensions of the building as I am making buildings from scratch for my 1/35th figures. Have you seen the range of buildings from Airfix that are designed for wargames and all that is required is painting.

  • Hi justin,

    I am in the process of building my own table. When completed it will be 2.4 metres long and 1.8 metres wide. I am building it in 4 parts each 1.2 long and 0.9 wide to fit in my car if I want to take it to any shows. I will send pictures of the table when finished. I am also constructing the buildings for my games.

  • Hi John, and sorry for not responding earlier. Sounds great and will look forward to the photos. Do you still need the dimensions?

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