Rusty the tractor: a 101st Airborne Objective Marker

Well, I finally finished Rusty the tractor for my first Flames of War scratch built objective-marker.  This one is dedicated to the 101st Airborne Division.  Here he sits abandoned in the corner of a small garden plot while a nearby Pathfinder anxiously wonders if his Eureaka beacon is really switched on:


Hedge was made of milliput and topped with Woodland Scenics clump.  What Chris calls the ‘cabbage patch’ 🙂 was sculpted out of a thick layer of Vallejo Dark Earth pumice topped with Tamiya Soil Effect textured paint.  A range of flocks, static grass and tufts finish it all off.  I’m currently liking the Army Painter / Mininatur Meadow Grass flowers.  The old cartwheel is PeterPig and the logs some plastic stuff I’ve had lurking in my bitzbox since time immemorial.

Really enjoyed making this one.  Fantastic para sculpt, lovely Langley Models’ N Gauge 1940s tractor and all to easy to get OCD about the scenics.

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