15mm graveyard finished (updated 06/05/12)

Here’s an updated photo (06/05/12) of the graveyard markers in situ from last night’s game:

The good inhabitants of Ste. Justine-du-Mont now have a graveyard to accomodate residents well past their sell by date.  PeterPig and Langley Model’s gravestones sit reasonably well alongside each other with the town’s war memorial in the background:

Gravestones were painted VMC Light Grey (155) washed in Badab Black, Devlin Mud and VMC Olive Green (082) with a final drybrushing in the original colour and a 50:50 mix with VMC Off White (004).

Mounted on standard and small sized bases, the markers were finished off with a mix of flock, static grass, silfor tufts and GF9 Meadow Blend (GFS017) for flowers:

Normandy churchyard done, thank God.