Terra Firma Studio’s 15mm flexible metalled road sections

You may recall that last month we had a sneak preview of Terra Firma Studio’s 15mm flexible metalled road sections.  Well, I’m pleased to be able to report that Andy over at Terra Firma Studios has generously provided us with samples of the finished product 🙂

The range consists of 300mm long straight sections 50mm wide (£3), that includes useful bridging pieces to connect dirt with metalled roads (£4) and, for those of you travelling into town, 100mm wide pieces (£5) for urban battles:

As one might expect, Andy has also produced a compatible set of 45 / 90 degree curves and a variety of junctions: (£2.50):

Each section is manufactured in a latex free and tear resistant fabric, is fully textured and comes flocked or unflocked, as required.  Each piece is weighty enough to lay flat on the typical wargamer’s table, including over hills, and lightly grips the surface of your board helping it to stay in place:

The wide 100mm city road sections fit perfectly with Battlefront’s recent barricades set:

Andy has worked to improve upon the original pieces by adding grey / white highlights to the textured surface which adds further definition and quality to the final product.

When placed alongside his – or your own – range of scenery, you can produce a really satisfying table:

Without doubt, these pieces are the best metalled roads I’ve come across to date.  Highly recommended.

9 Responses to “Terra Firma Studio’s 15mm flexible metalled road sections

  • Nice combos available with that selection of roads and I’m liking those setups, looking forward to getting some troops on these 🙂

  • The roads on their own look quite nice but the way they integrate into the bocage and fields is really impressive – is the ploughed field TerraFirma’s too?
    I’ve got a mat for my basic terrain – how does the road sit on a flocked surface?
    And why does the photo colour hue change – did you experiment with lighting?

    • Yes, the ploughed fields are Terra Firma’s, they’re very affordable and excellent space fillers as well as potential impediments to movement.

      Lighting changed because I got cross in the kitchen with general light and had to move to the study where I have 2 dedicated lights 🙂

      Don’t know how they’ll sit on a flocked surface, but no reason to assume that they’ll be anything but flat, flat, flat. As smaller pieces, the junctions can roll up on the corners slightly, but nothing a good iron won’t sort out (yup – they can be ironed flat under a brown paper bag – nice!). The remainder of the range is sufficiently weightly to keep itself still.

      Recommended! 😀

  • Great stuff, Justin – very effective, especially when used alongside your other terrain; all of which is excellent! Very impressive 🙂

  • Adam Conway
    6 years ago

    I couldn’t help notice the crop fields and I have been puzzled at what it was but I had an idea I was thinking that I could by a cheap doormat and cut it up what do you think of this idea and would it work???

    • I think that’s what most folk do Adam, cheap and cheerful! 🙂

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    but bad thing is the delivery is 4.50!
    i was gunna buy a full road set seems its cheap but no point coz the delivery on its own 4.50 so no point

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Went to look these guys up, but they closed their doors in Jan 2014.

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