After Action Report 2 Update

Started planning for this weekend’s game, The Spartan Challenge+, that pits 300 points worth of Germans against a 1000 point Soviet horde(!).

Set in June 1944 during Operation BAGRATION, an isolated pocket from the 14 Grenadierdivision attempts to hold out against elements from the 1st Guards Rifle Division.

The game will give us an opportunity to play with lots of new scenery, including a river, barbed wire, minefields and a bunker.

I wanna be the Germans, please, please, please

Look for the illustrated After Action Report and review of Terra Firma’s river, barbed wire and minefields on the Model Dads website shortly.

15 Responses to “After Action Report 2 Update

  • Chris here!

    Ok you can take the Germans! No problem!

    Hope you have fun with 2 platoons and an HQ!

    • Well, if you let me have 345 points I could field sumfink interesting 🙂 The extra 45 points could reflect the presence of the 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans!

    • Doh! Well, I lost, but only just 🙂 I lasted until Turn 14 with what was left of my boys hunkered down in the ruins of the village centre. Ivan bottled the last assault and choose to stand off and try taking pot-shots at me as his Jabos circled overhead. Look for the AAR on the main site shortly…

  • Its a deal for 1050 v 350.

    Your twisting my arm as it is!

  • It’s my days a WWF tag-team wrestler coming back to haunt you.

    Deal! After all a horde is a horde is a horde. I’ll have to use my mortar crews if you’ve got none painted up by the weekend. They can be Hiwis helping out…

    I would like to suggest that the game is played along the lines of the Cauldron scenario, with no reinforcements for the Germans, a turn limit that dictates victory conditions (i.e. depicting the desire to ‘hold out’) and no Soviet heavy tanks, i.e. IS-2s. Everything else is up for grabs. Germans to have 5 barbed wire markers, 3-5 minefields and a HMG bunker.

    What do you think?

  • It’s my days a WWF tag-team wrestler coming back to haunt you.
    The very image has made me shudder over my morning coffee.

    Its agreed then. Im assuming 3-5 minefields will translate to 5. I can hear your words now, “5 minefields, isn’t that what we agreed?”

    Im shocked you would even think there is a remote possiblity I would have any more figures ready by the weekend :O

    Prepare the IL2’s and artillery battery ready for me please.

  • My turn to buy the beer this time around I think?

    I hope you like the taste of German lager.

    Although of course, after I win, I expect you to be somewhat bitter.

  • Schnapps anyone?

    After Action Report on the website to follow shortly 🙂

  • AAR coming shortly!

  • Is this the bit where we heckle about AAR being loaded imminently?

    • Heh…we’re dawdling on this a bit, but we’ll get there in the end. I’ll play the ‘wife has had an operation’ card (true!) and see if that gets me out of jail. The sad truth is I lost and I don’t want to share it with the World 🙂

  • pffff we may want to dress it up as re-enactment of historical military endeavour; but the “sad truth” is we play with toy soldiers. The good news is nobody was hurt in the event so win or lose is not important. How you got there and the lessons learnt are the main things. So time to fess up – what did you screw up?

  • Hmmm, good question. I guess I could have used my local reserve better. I put them too close to the enemy, enabling him to use his flamethrowers to dislodge them. If I’d have kept to the buildings it might have worked better.

    We finished the AAR tonight and Chris is in the process of making it look good. I promise you, he’s done a good job with this one…I reckon it will be ready by end of play Sunday 🙂

  • all done 🙂

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