Timber! Making realistic 15mm model trees

Trees. The staple of every wargames table. But I’m finding it hard to locate any decent pine trees. I mean, I want to fight in East Prussia and I want some pine tress. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult would you? But most of what I can find look like that should be on a Christmas cake:

I’m not totally enamoured with Battlefront’s offering either, although they do have nicer bases:

So, I decided to try and make some of my own using Woodland Scenics DIY pines as they were going cheap at our other local model shop (is it me, or are all model/hobby shops either closed, closing down, clearing their stock or moving online?). This is how they’re supposed to look:

Here’s how mine actually turned out:

Doh! 🙂 And these were the best of my first attempts!

There is a good video tutorial for making decidious trees, but the principles don’t work so well with the pine armatures or clump foliage provided:

Well, I’ve managed to knock up part 1 of a quick Model Dads HD video tutorial that looks at preparing your armatures, the virtues of Hob-e-Tac, using your clump and applying foliage:

Part 2 looks at highlighting with fine turf and making sure everything stays stuck.

Thank goodness for Snow Days, they’re the hobbyists best friend. The second installment of ‘How to make trees… emerges blinking into the snow-capped uplands. I say second, it comes in 2 parts thanks to YouTube’s 15 minute limit and my mediocre IT skills.

This concluding episode looks at:

  • highlighting and sealing your trees

  • basing using Tamiya’s new textured paint range
  • final recommendations for the amateur treehugger

5 Responses to “Timber! Making realistic 15mm model trees

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I use a windex sprayer, spray all the trees at the same time a few(4-5) times from different angles, my trees love it, also, I dont use clump foliage, bush works wonders.
    I dont use matte varnish, just regular stuff, use rough turf for bases, works really well overgrown grass in apple orchards(the color I used).

  • Thanks for the video.
    Couple of ideas for you. I use elmers ( white glue ) watered down and then use the sprayer from windex or any other cleaning product sprayer to mist trees.
    The smaller tree bases I use for orchards ( grape vines etc ).
    To save yourself pennies I use washers for the bottom of tree bases for stability. (wider and thinner)
    You can mix ballast ( gf9) into paint. making a paste . Never tried static grass though. Then dry brush a lighter shade when dried.

    Agian thanks for video

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