Tip Your Hat to the Tiger!

Big Brother Little Brother (Copy)

I don’t play as much as I should do with the toys that I’ve got.  Well, that’s what my wife tells me when more brown boxes arrive.  At least I’ve not resorted to hiding new purchases under the bed, yet!  This brings me neatly to my last game and new opponent, Karl 🙂

Kaboom! (Copy)

It all started so well….Turns out Karl lives just up the road and was free last weekend or so.  Karl brought across his nicely winterised German Armored Company – ft. Otto Carius – for a bout with my tired old Soviet Udarney Strelkovy.  Time to dust off the gaming table and dominate the kitchen – game-on!

Boom went the first Tiger as it rolled out in to the open and path of my Priority Air Support.  The Hun was swinging a strong left-hook in my direction that needed stopping in its tracks:Left hook! (Copy)

Time to get the lads in to position and dig ’em in:

Digging in (Copy)

Despite that rocket artillery!

Boom Boom (Copy)

As Ivan settled in for the long-haul, the Red air-force struck again – ouch!:

Kaboom 2! (Copy)

All good things must come to an end and this wan’t going to be an exception.  Those pesky Luchs closed to harass my infantry with their MGs:

Sneakin (Copy)

And whilst the arrival of the first of my reinforcements encouraged me to counter-attack:

Too close for comfort (Copy)

I was skating on thin ice…:

Up close (Copy)

Particularly when the German reinforcements arrived:

A little help from my friends (Copy)

Whilst it was heartening to get my heavies on to the table that warm fuzzy feeling was short-lived as Otto Carius took his revenge:

Big Boys (Copy)

Big Boy goes boom (Copy)

Things weren’t exactly going well on the other side of the board either.  Withering amounts of fire took its inevitable  toll:

Chop chop chop (Copy)

And whilst I could claw back some satisfaction by knocking out a few HTs with my Battalion HQ’s excellent little 45mm guns, it was never going to be enough to keep the Germans off the Objective – particularly with my dice rolling 🙁 :

One back (Copy)


The End (Copy)

Great fun!  And I can have a go at getting my own back in a couple of weeks…what’s not to like?

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  • Looking forward to stemming the Red Tide again – Hopefully it’ll snow next time. Otto has been to the showroom and ordered himself a shiny new Jagdtiger (won’t fit under the bed though…) 😉

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