Total Battle Miniatures’ Eastern Front Well: a review

Scenery is looking like a theme this week.  We’ll start with a review of Total Battle Miniatures’ Eastern Front well:

7 Responses to “Total Battle Miniatures’ Eastern Front Well: a review

  • wasn’t sure what to write: well well well or all’s well that ends well?
    Would make a good objective and does the wooden fence count as cover/concealment for any units by the well?
    Looks good in your latest game gallery – very in keeping with the scenary.
    When is loving wife going to rumble your terrain building and extend the moratorium?

    • Good point. Well her beef is that I’ve lots of unpainted stuff. She likened it to shoes. If she bought a load of shoes, but didn’t wear them, I’d get cross. Ergo it’s a waste of money.

      My view is that I’ll paint them eventually… 🙂

      Anyway, she can’t talk. She’s just bought me a load of scenery for our anniversary present and I’ve just placed an order with LOIC for some buildings as a birthday present 🙂

      It’ll have to stop somewhere mind. I’m running out of space!

  • Yes but…..ladies shoes don’t appreciate in value and become collectors pieces if kept unused in the box…

  • Hi Justin,

    Great review and nicely finished terrain piece.

    Which static grasses did you use to finish the base?

    How did you apply the static grass (not the silfor tufts)?

    I am struggling with applying normal static grass at 15mm scale. I use Silfor Tufts which helps a lot but I have bags of the normal static grass I want to use as well.



    p.s. I am in trouble for overspending as well 🙂

    • Hi Allan, glad you liked thereview. I’ll do a quick piece on applying flock tomorrow if you like. I use what I call ‘my puffer’ 🙂

  • Another good review. I like the look of this terrain piece – it’s very simple but would add some extra flavour to a battlefield. And you’ve painted it up well – looks very realistic!

    • Well, what can I say? I learnt how to paint wood from a Master!

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